Celebrating Women’s History Month in the Classroom

March is Women’s History Month! It’s an excellent time to learn about the contributions that women have made to society throughout history and to the present day. With Buncee, there are so many ways to encourage curiosity, build engaging lessons or assignments, and give students the opportunity to have fun while learning!

One way to introduce women’s history to students is to learn about why this month is acknowledged, and how it can be celebrated. Ask students to reflect on what they know, and share it in this template using audio, video, photos, or stickers and animations! 



Since Women’s History Month does occur every year, there’s a good chance that some of the information learned during this time may seem repetitive to students. To keep engagement levels high and to give students the opportunity to retain information in a fun, unique way, try a Women of History drag and drop activity! Keep in mind that these templates are completely customizable and can be changed to cover specific topics.

While learning about the women of history, students can be encouraged to think about a woman who inspires them. Whether this is a historical figure whose actions have inspired them, or someone in their life today that comes to mind, students can verbalize their thoughts, and practice speaking skills by recording a video directly within Buncee to share with their class or directly to their teacher!



Another way for students to share their voice about what they’re inspired by during Women’s History Month is to share an inspirational quote from a woman! For some extra fun, have students share their quote to a Buncee Board. Then, support each other’s ideas and inspiration by interacting with each other’s buncees with comments and reactions to practice digital citizenship skills in a safe, monitored environment!



Last but certainly not least, is to discover the history itself. The women’s suffrage movement had an immense role in the history of women’s rights. In this template, students will be able to research, and then visualize the timeline of events that occurred during this movement. This activity gives visual learners the opportunity to associate the details of each event with an image, allowing them to retain more information!



Women’s history goes beyond the month of March. What challenges do women still face today? How can society keep moving forward? These Buncee activities are great for practicing social awareness, and understanding how the past has shaped the present. Making learning fun gives students the confidence to become curious about what they’re learning in school, and how they can shape the future of the world around them!

For more ideas on how you can celebrate Women’s History Month in your classroom, check out this Buncee Board full of customizable templates. 

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