5 Wicked Awesome Halloween Activities using Buncee

The rush and excitement of back to school has finally simmered down, but the fun does not end here. You can count on Buncee to help make learning fun and engaging for students all year long! With Halloween coming up, we can expect kids to be excited and busy talking about their fun plans, and quite possibly be a bit checked out from their school work. Here are 5 activities to keep them engaged in learning essential skills, but also being able to express their excitement!


1. Research Projects

Research projects are a great way for students to practice working independently, collect data, and write. Not only are they gaining these skills, but they are also gaining more of an understanding of the world and history around them! In these Buncee research templates, students will have the opportunity to research the history of Halloween and share their findings creatively. For another unique research project, students can each pick a Halloween animal, and collect research about that animal!


2. Sharing Traditions

Encourage students to express their excitement by sharing all about their Halloween traditions in a Buncee! Sharing and learning about traditions from different cultures in a Buncee provides a safe space for students to feel connected through cultural awareness, and offers a great chance for students to build relationships with each other! The creativity is endless. Students can record video or audio to practice their speaking skills, or use a text box to practice their writing skills!


3. Virtual Costumes

Creating virtual costumes can be used as a class brain break, or an activity for virtual classes! Students can create their own virtual costume by uploading a photo, then adding stickers and animations to create their costume. Now that your students have had some time to get to know their teacher, they can create a Buncee to share what they think their teacher should be for halloween and why!


4. Digital Scrapbooks

How fun is it to look back on special memories?  This might be an unfair opinion… but we think digital scrapbooks are the best when using Buncee! Simply upload your favorite photos or videos from your Halloween festivities, then add video / audio to create an interactive experience and speak about these memories, add text, stickers, animations, and more- endless possibilities! A digital scrapbook can be created at home, or even in school to keep memories from a class party.


5. Word Unscramblers

Word unscramblers are not only a fun challenge, but they also help build spelling and vocabulary skills! Encourage students to challenge themselves with these Halloween themed word unscramblers by dragging and dropping each letter into the spaces in the correct order.

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