Bringing in the New Year with Buncee

For many, heading into a new year gives the feeling of new beginnings, and encourages us to take a moment to reflect on the past year. It’s never too late to set goals and become inspired. These Buncee templates are a sure-fire way to become engaged with your goals, set a positive tone for the year ahead, and to be proud of the past year!


Year in Review & End of Year Reflection

Creating a year in review is a great way to take a step back and view the past year from afar to get a sense of what you’ve learned, what you’ve achieved, and what you want to accomplish next year! It’s important to set goals, but it’s even more important to acknowledge what you have already accomplished this year. With these Buncee Year in Review templates, you can encourage students to appreciate the year they just had and find inspiration for next year! 




Sometimes our goals, motivation, and inspiration come from a single word. Going into 2023, what is one word you want to focus on that will provide intention toward the year ahead? Guide students through the purpose of finding their #oneword, and create their image on Buncee to share on social, or to a class Buncee Board!



Goal Setting

There are so many opportunities for students to visualize and keep track of their goals with Buncee. Goal setting templates allow students to think about their goals while being able to creatively express themselves!



Another way to guide students to accomplish a goal, is to help them envision the steps it will take to reach it. A goal ladder, or a goal game creates a fun space where students can piece together each step and track their progress in reaching the goal they set for themselves!




Last, but not least, are vision boards! What better way to visualize your goals than to put photos, words, quotes, etc. that represent your goals, all in one place? Vision boards can cover goals and dreams from various areas of your life and can serve as a daily reminder of what you are working towards.




Encouraging students to think about their long-term and short-term goals, and supporting them by showing them how they can reach their goals is essential for their personal growth and self-esteem. While the new year represents a fresh start, it’s important to know that goal setting and reflection activities do not have to be intimidating or stressful, and what has been accomplished in the past year is enough! At Buncee, we are excited to share with you how these activities can be made fun and engaging for all! 

Thank you all for a wonderful 2022! We wish you all the best as we head into the new year! 

For more activities inspired by the new year, check out this Buncee Board full of customizable templates. 

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