5 Ideas to Buncee Your Holidays

It’s that time of year again! Amidst the hustle and bustle, we get to share some fun ways for you and your students to #BunceeYourHolidays! We’re excited to share activities that make learning fun while giving students the chance to reflect on the year so far, share their thoughts, connect with loved ones, and create memories. Don’t forget to share your creativity with us on social media using #BunceeYourHolidays!


Express Gratitude

For children who have a hard time putting thoughts and emotions into words, Buncee gives an opportunity for them to use features like stickers, animations, and emojis to help express themselves! Encourage students to use a Buncee Gratitude Journal, or complete a gratitude reflection to practice sharing about the things they are grateful for.



Share Personalized Holiday Greetings with Friends & Family

A Buncee with a personalized touch can provide a fun, unique twist to a regular holiday card! We cannot always see our loved ones in person, but sending an interactive greeting is a great way to stay connected! Share a joke using the stickers and animations, record a heartfelt video or audio message, or add photos to share. Holiday buncees created for friends and family can be shared by email, a link, or even printed out with a QR code for the recipient to scan with their phone. The possibilities are endless!  



Create Your Own Holiday Scrapbook

Keep memories safe and accessible by creating a holiday scrapbook in Buncee! Simply upload your photos and videos to the creation canvas, then decorate with stickers, animations, text, and more. Then, easily share with loved ones by email, link, or on social media. Now you can reflect and share about the memories and traditions you love for years to come!


Make a Wintertime Bucket List

There is so much to look forward to all year long! Winter is full of sweet and heartwarming activities. Create your own wintertime bucket list, and keep track of the fun memories in your digital scrapbook!


Get a Head Start on New Year’s Goals

After taking some time to reflect on the things we have expressed gratitude towards this year, coming up with our goals for the year ahead can give us a lot to look forward to. Setting goals is a great way to increase self-confidence, practice and improve self-management, and improve self-awareness. Goal setting can be intimidating, but with a Buncee Goal Game template, students can lay out each step they need to take in order to achieve their goal in a fun way!


We hope these Buncee templates bring creativity and warmth to your holiday season! Any of these activities can be done in a group setting at home or in the classroom to spark conversations and foster connections. 

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What is your favorite way to #BunceeYourHolidays? Share with us using #BunceeYourHolidays on Twitter, and join our Facebook group for educators to stay connected!

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