31 Ways to Buncee Your Holidays!

31 Ways to #BunceeYourHolidays

The holiday season is finally here! It’s the perfect time to celebrate and get creative, and whether you’re looking for fun classroom projects, or for ideas to beat the winter break blues, we’ve got you covered! From creative crafts and activities, to fun and educational learning prompts, there’s so much winter holiday fun to be had! Read on to discover 31 ways you can #BunceeYourHolidays!

1. Create your Holiday Hug Buncee and add it to the Holiday Hugs Board

We’re so excited to be continuing the Holiday Hugs initiative again this year! Students and educators from across the globe can create a Buncee filled with holiday cheer for a child who is spending the holidays in a hospital. Then, students can add their Holiday Hug Buncee to our Holiday Hugs Board.

The Board will then be shared with children in the Children’s Minnesota hospital system! Plus, for every five Buncees added to the Board, Capstone pledges to donate one book to Children’s Minnesota, for up to five hundred books! You can learn more about this wonderful initiative here, and you can add your Holiday Hug Buncee to the Holiday Hugs Buncee Board here.

2. Create a holiday card for family and friends

Buncee cards are a fun way to send a personalized message to family and friends. Try adding a video or audio message to make it extra special!

3. Make a Buncee about animals in winter 

Encourage your students to learn more about the natural world, as they take a closer look at what animals do during the cold winter months. Check out the article about animals in winter on PebbleGo to learn more! Then share what you’ve learned in Buncee!

4.  Create a holiday acrostic poem

Acrostic poems are an easy way to introduce poetry writing to young learners, and for older students they’re a quick and fun activity! Create an acrostic using the word “holiday”, or choose another word associated with the holiday season.

5. Create a virtual snow globe

Create your own snow globe world with Buncee! Get started with this snow globe template, and create your own winter wonderland!

6. Design your own wrapping paper

Design your own wrapping paper in Buncee! Set a colorful background, then copy your favorite sticker in a pattern across a Buncee canvas. Print on a letter size sheet of paper to wrap small gifts, or send to a print shop for larger sheets!

7.  Share a holiday recipe

Do you have a special holiday recipe you like to make, or perhaps a new one you’ve been wanting to try? Create a Buncee about it, then share your recipe with others!

8.  Create a holiday scrapbook

The holidays go by in such a blur! Be sure to stop and record some memories this year with a digital holiday scrapbook made on Buncee! Just upload photos or videos, then decorate with stickers and animations!

9. Share a holiday joke, riddle, or pun

Spread some cheer this season by sharing a holiday themed joke, riddle, or pun! You can illustrate it on Buncee, then share with the push of a button! You can even duplicate the pages of this template, and create a whole book!

10. Make a Buncee about an arctic animal

As the weather gets colder for many of us, it’s the perfect time to learn about animals that live in the coldest parts of the world! Check out an article on PebbleGo about an arctic animal, then make a Buncee sharing what you’ve learned!

11. Build a Virtual Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Well now you can, no matter the weather! Create your own virtual snowman with Buncee and decorate him to your liking in this drag and drop activity!

12. Create a holiday or winter haiku

Haiku poems can be another way to ease students into writing their own poetry. Write a poem about winter, or choose a holiday to write about. Then decorate your poem by choosing a background, stickers, and animations! You could even use video or audio to record yourself reciting your poem!

13. Design a virtual ornament

Create a customized Christmas ornament in Buncee! You could take it further by printing it out, gluing it to a piece of cardboard or card stock cut to shape, and threading a piece of colorful ribbon through!

14. Create a grown-up holiday wish list

During the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in the materialistic hustle and bustle of the season. It can be a good idea to take a moment and think about the things that are really important, and to curate a more “grown-up” holiday wish list.

15. Make a Buncee about winter weather

Winter weather is coming, so be prepared! Learn more about winter weather on PebbleGo, then share what you’ve learned on Buncee!

16. Create a holiday story

The holidays are the perfect time to get inspired and create your own holiday story! Get started with this activity, that come with some fun holiday story prompts!

17. Get to know family and friends with a holiday icebreaker game

Bring some unexpected fun to your next holiday gathering, whether you’re virtual or in person! Have everyone share three truths and one lie about themselves in a Buncee, then take turns trying to figure out which statements are true and which are lies!

18. Make a virtual gingerbread person

Make your own virtual gingerbread person this year; it’s double the fun with none of the mess!

19. Make a virtual gingerbread house

Your gingerbread person needs somewhere to live, don’t they? Design them their own gingerbread house on Buncee!

20. Design your own holiday ugly sweater

Use drawings, stickers, animations, and more to design the loudest, most hideous sweater imaginable! Then share with friends and family and see who has created the ugliest sweater!

21. Make a Buncee about the Winter Solstice

It’s the longest day of the year, so with all that extra time, why not learn a little more about the Winter Solstice? Then share what you’ve learned in a Buncee!

22. Turn yourself into an elf or snowman with your photo!

Have some fun in this holiday photo booth! Take your photo using the photo function, then use stickers to turn yourself into an elf, a snowman, and more!

23. Make a Buncee about holiday traditions around the world

There are so many different holiday traditions practiced by people all over the world. Choose one you’d like to learn more about, then share about it in a Buncee!

24. Share your own holiday tradition

Do you have a fun and unique holiday tradition? It could be something that’s been passed down, or a brand new tradition you’d like to start! Share about it in a Buncee!

25. Record yourself singing a holiday song

Spread holiday cheer far and near by singing a holiday song! Use video or audio to record yourself singing in this Buncee, then send to friends and family with the push of a button!

26. Make a Buncee about snowflakes

Have you ever wondered how snowflakes form? Wintertime is the perfect time to learn more about them! Check out the article on PebbleGo to learn more, then share what you learned in a Buncee!

27. Create a virtual holiday wishes jar

What are your wishes for this holiday season? Use text, video, audio, or images and add them to your virtual holiday wishes jar, and they might come true!

28. Reflect on the past year

Take a moment to look back on the past year. What were your favorite moments? What would you like to see improved? You can learn a lot by reflecting on the past year.

29. Record your New Years Goals

The new year is the perfect time to set some new goals for yourself! Record your new years goals so you can refer to them throughout the year.

30. Create a #oneword for the New Year

What #oneword do you want to focus on in the new year? Growth, Mindfulness, Understanding? Whatever it is, visualize it and share it out in a Buncee!

31. Create a 2021 scrapbook

What better way to celebrate the end of the year than to create a scrapbook of your most memorable moments? Upload photos and videos, or take them in the Buncee canvas to create a personalized and unique memory of the past year.

Are you using any of these ideas this holiday season? We’d love to see what you and your students are creating! Share with us on Twitter using #BunceeYourHolidays and be sure to join our Facebook group for educators to stay connected!

If you’re new to Buncee, get started with your free 30 Day trial here. 

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