Buncee Tabs: Pin Resources in Classroom Conversations

Announcement Graphic: Pin Resources in Classroom Conversations with the Buncee Tab Integration with Microsoft Teams

Buncee and Microsoft Teams are dedicated to making your classroom conversations simple and seamless. It’s no secret that you can easily share Buncees in Teams conversations, as well as push Buncees as Assignments for your class. But, Buncee and Microsoft Teams wanted to bring you even more ways you can communicate and collaborate with your community. That’s why you now have the ability to share all your Buncees in their very own tab in Microsoft Teams! 🎉

With this new update, you’ll be able to pin key Buncees to your classroom conversations in Microsoft Teams. That way, important lessons, newsletters, school announcements, and more will be right where you need them! Click here to learn how you can download this amazing feature.


Here’s some ways you can use your Buncee tab in Microsoft Teams:

  • Pin your Buncee newsletter, so parents always know where they can find it
  • Post your “Do-Now”, so students can get right to work when they come in to class
  • Share lessons and resources with fellow teachers where they can easily refer to them 
  • Save templates and examples your students can access whenever they need to
  • …and so much more!  

Here’s how you can add a Buncee Tab to your classroom conversations: 

  • Choose the Buncee you want to include in the tab, and click the “share” button
  • Click “code” and click “copy” to copy the link for your Buncee
  • Open Microsoft Teams
  • Click the plus sign (+) at the top of your conversations
  • Search, “Buncee” and click on the Buncee icon
  • Paste the link of your Buncee, and click “save”, your Buncee is now saved to the tab!

If you want to learn more about using Buncee and Microsoft Teams, check out Bring Creativity to Classroom Communication with Buncee and Microsoft Teams. You can also learn more about how you can enhance your lessons with Buncee and Microsoft OneNote in our blog post, Live-Embed Buncee Into OneNote!

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