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Recently, there’s been a major uptick in the number of families who choose to educate their children at home. The home learning community in the United States could increase by 10%, with parents citing the unpredictability of the coronavirus pandemic and their own presence at home with remote work arrangements.

Whether you’re a remote learning pro or just playing with the idea of learning from home, here are five ways that Buncee is the ideal partner for students at home looking to upgrade their digital toolkit:

1. Versatility Across Group Size, Grade Levels and Subjects

Whether a student is working with a group in your community or going solo on any given day, Buncee can be adapted seamlessly to large or small groups or individuals. When educators are working with multiple students of different grade levels, Buncee is accessible to all ages and can be used for every subject from early reading to trigonometry. Immersive Reader tailors the learning experience to the student’s exact needs—which is why you started learning from home in the first place!

Learn more about using Immersive Reader in the video below:


2. Positive Reinforcement, Motivation and Competition with Buncee Rewards

One major challenge of learning from home is keeping students motivated and energized. With Buncee Rewards, students unlock new content by staying engaged and maintaining creation streaks. Gamified learning offers positive reinforcement—the more students use Buncee, the more they’re motivated to keep using it to learn. Learners can inspire one another with their progress, creating a competitive but playful environment that rewards growth. Buncee ambassador Ilene Winokur even created an entire story using characters earned through Buncee Rewards!  

5 steps to bring gamification to your learning experience in Buncee

3. Digital Portfolio, Planning and Keeping Records

If a home learner uses Buncee over the course of a school year, Buncee becomes a digital record of material covered and curricular points addressed, all in one place. Buncee’s classroom management capabilities are suited to planning a curriculum ahead of time, so that students stay up to state and national standards with their learning.

4. Creative Independence

Students learning from home tend to be a pretty independent bunch to start with, and Buncee’s creative canvas offers a place for them to channel this originality. Dina Bolan’s blog post, Buncee as a Virtual Writing Tool, illustrates how she used Buncee to encourage independent creativity. By allowing students to take full control of the writing process in an accessible format, Buncee guided formerly hesitant students to reject frustration in favor of confidence and enthusiasm.

Buncee as a Virtual Writing Tool

5. Social-Emotional Learning

While students learning from home might enjoy independence from traditional classroom environments, socialization can often present a challenge requiring creative solutions. In their blog post, Jennifer Casa-Todd and Mandy Froelich show how Buncee helps students cultivate self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Casa-Todd and Froelich provide wonderful examples of how Buncee can help learners navigate their feelings, verbalize alternatives to fixed mindsets, and keep track of personal habits.

Do you have a story of how you’re using Buncee in your home? We’d love to hear about it! Reach out to us on Twitter and be sure to join our Facebook group for educators to stay connected!

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