Exploring Buncee’s Endless Possibilities

Below is a guest blog from Patricia Carbone, Technology Coordinator/5th Grade Science at Saints Simon and Jude School in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Learn more about Patricia in her bio below!

Four years ago, I went to my first ISTE convention in Philadelphia.  As I was walking the aisles searching for the hottest new trend, I came across a vendor who was explaining a new and different type of presentation software called Buncee.  The software seemed similar to Microsoft presentation software. While the demonstration was interesting, it didn’t have that special spark I was looking for.

Fast-forward to about a month ago when Alissa DeVito sent out an email asking if anyone would like to have a free trial of Buncee. Not being one to turn down any offer labeled “free”,  I said yes wondering if I would have a different reaction to it at this point. My how things change in four years!

Buncee is an easy, commanding, and imaginative platform for students of any age and ability.  It allows students to present what they know creatively using a variety of formats. Buncee’s interface is extremely easy to use.  After the students name their project, they can simply click the “Item button”, and customize their slideshow anyway they like. Buncee allows for photos to be uploaded or linked from shared social media sites. In addition, drawing, messages, emoji, web images, youtube, and original videos are just a few of the awesome add-ons students can use to customize projects.

Buncee also offers a vast Resource library with a search bar for students to access additional material. With so many options at their fingertips, students’ projects become truly unique.  Once a project has been completed, it can be downloaded as a PNG, or PDF. Students can email it, or even turn it into a QR code.

Click here to see an example Buncee

Click here to see an example Buncee

The teachers’ dashboard allows them to access any class content.  Teachers can use Buncee not only for assessments which include multiple choice or free response questions, but also for creating content for flipped classrooms.  Buncee can be set up for an individual teacher or a school domain.

There is an endless variety of uses for Buncee.  Students from elementary to high school can use it to design projects in every subject, from ELA to the Arts, Social Studies, languages, literacy and STEM. Buncee makes it easy to create projects for any curriculum standard.  I have used this program with several classes already, and I can say with confidence that the students truly enjoy expressing themselves with it!

Patricia Carbone is a graduate of Cabrini University with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  She was lucky enough to begin her career in a technology classroom and has enjoyed being a “tech geek” ever since.  She’s kept current with innovations and trends. She is constantly in awe of the possibilities that the future holds. She’s excited to be at Saints Simon and Jude School, promoting technology education and forward thinking with the students and faculty.

When not at work, she loves spending time with her nieces and nephews.  Her family is the most important thing to her.

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