Buncee: My Happy Place

Everyone loves Buncee because it’s such an awesome classroom tool for allowing all students to show what they know, but it’s so much more than that. As a learning specialist, I don’t assign the work, I help students with it. Because of that, I love Buncee for completely different reasons. I use Buncee outside of the classroom.

Like most educators out there, Buncee also wears many hats. I have never been artsy, I have trouble drawing stick figures! With Buncee though, I am able to make visually appealing creations to share with others. The new square size has literally become my best friend. With very little effort, I am able to whip up a quote of the day to share with my students by embedding it into Canvas, but now that same quote is also Instagram worthy! I don’t have to hide my creativity because my handwriting isn’t good or I can’t draw. Instead, Buncee lets my artistic side shine. When I wanted to jazz up the banner in Google forms, I immediately turned to Buncee to make something fun. And of course, I use presentations when I work with my new faculty and staff. Not only can they be branded for my school, but with them embedded on Canvas, the teachers can access them on their time or as a resource when needed.  

Personally, I have been reaching for Buncee to help with my own brand. Using the banner, I was able to create my vision to promote my message and keep it consistent on Twitter and LinkedIn. I created my first business card and was able to successfully print it – no tweaking necessary – using Vistaprint. They were a show stopper for my presentation at the Association of Middle-Level Educators last weekend!

I think the biggest benefit that I have found from using Buncee is that is has become my own personal “pick me up” when I find myself in a rut or unfocused on the task at hand, I turn to Buncee to make my creative juices flow. It is my happy place. Being a Buncee ambassador allows me to learn and share awesome creations, but more importantly, it has given me a family of support and collaboration.

Yes, Buncee is fantastic for students. No one can argue with that. I challenge you to make Buncee your go-to creation tool for you too! Learn. Share. Lead.


Jennifer Hencken is a creative, collaborative thought leader with a passion for motivating teachers to build communities of learning that empower students to be connected to their learning through authentic, needs-based experiences. She currently works at Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, Florida, as the Director of External Professional Development and the Middle School Academic Support Coordinator. She is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences where she embodies her motto: “learn, share, lead.” You can reach her on Twitter @JenHencken

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