Buncee-fied Student-Led Conferences

Buncee-fied Student-Led Conferences

Conference time is always an exciting time in the life of any educator. It is that special time of the year to sit down with parents to share the highlights of their child’s experience in the classroom. Being able to allow students to conduct student-led conferences takes this experience to the next level. Giving students ownership of the conference process really inspires them to spend valuable time self-reflecting as they consider the areas in which they would like to celebrate with their parents. Additionally, they are brutally honest in the areas in which they see a need for growth and improvement. Buncee is the perfect tool for students to utilize as they prepare their presentations to share with their parents during student-led conferences.

Buncee offers students such an incredible canvas to highlight their successes for their parents as well as highlight the areas in which they would like to grow.

Students become so excited while creating their Buncee Student-Led presentations.

They eagerly personalize their cover slides – finding the perfect background, stickers, and animations that offer a glimpse into their personal interests or hobbies. Then, they develop slides for each of their subjects highlighting their glow, or an area in which they are really secure or simply one they would like to celebrate. Students then share a grow, or an area they feel they need to see growth. Students again excitedly select the perfect background, sticker, and animation that fits each subject.

Buncee offers students perfect backgrounds, stickers, and animations that pull at parent heartstrings like no other tech tool can.

Students’ last slide is an absolute favorite – it is the parent focus. This slide allows students to thank their parents for their involvement in their education and their life in general. This slide has brought many a parent to tears.

There really just is no limit to the way educators and students can utilize Buncee in the classroom. This definitely has to be one of my favorites!

Meet the Author

Barbie Monty received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (Cum Laude) from Mississippi University for Women. Upon moving to Tampa Bay and marrying in 2000, Barbie came to Carrollwood Day School. She was drawn to CDS after learning of its character education initiative. She quickly became an active member of the CDS faculty taking a position in the fifth grade. She eagerly accepted the role of Inservice Coordinator and became the advisor to the fifth-grade Safety Patrol providing fifth graders with an incredible opportunity to experience leadership roles before beginning their middle school journey.

Upon completing Differentiated Instruction Made Practical, the intense 12-week course offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Barbie Monty was asked to participate in their Differentiated Instruction Made Practical Coach Training Program. Barbie Monty assumed her role as a Coach for the Harvard Graduate School of Education course Differentiated Instruction Made Practical after completing their rigorous Coach Training Program. She is thoroughly enjoying this incredible opportunity mentoring educators from around the world as their coach. She is committed to working with these participants sharing her experience differentiating instruction for ALL learners in a variety of contexts within this course. With the current situation in the world, Differentiated Instruction is now necessary more than ever!

Barbie loves working with the CDS fifth grade students and has been instrumental in developing many of the Units of Inquiry they currently enjoy each year. Follow Barbie’s class on Twitter!

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