A Buncee Buddies Concert, Starring Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could

We’re thrilled to announce that three-time Grammy nominees and children’s music rock stars, Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could, will be headlining “Peace, Love, and Buncee Buddies,” to bring together all the participants of our pen pal project, Buncee Buddies: Celebrate Peace 2016.

When: February 7th, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST

Who: Any and all classrooms!

How: Watch live on Periscope https://bit.ly/2jZHM4N

Why: To celebrate the universal language of music, global learning, and the connections made through Buncee Buddies.

 Southold Elementary will be hosting Brady and his band as they play songs off their newest album, Press Play, as well as jams from their older albums. The concert will conclude with Brady’s version of “Well May The World Go” by Pete Seeger.

Check Out The “Peace, Love, and Buncee Buddies” Set List 

You can find the lyrics for all the songs at the concert by clicking the link above and clicking the song title at the bottom of the screen on the Soundcloud page.

“Peace, Love, and Buncee Buddies,” is a concert for classrooms around the world to join and participate in! Below are ideas for ways your classroom can take part in this musical event.

Ways You Can Participate In “Peace, Love, and Buncee Buddies”

  1. Listen to the songs before the concert. Have students make a Buncee of their favorite song or a song of your choice.
  2. Make the lyrics your own! Have your students come up with their own verses to “Well May The World Go” inspired by the Buncee Buddies peace prompt: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
  3. During the Buncee Buddies project, sing Brady’s songs via Skype with your partner classrooms! Share your sing along on social with the hashtag #bradyandbuncee.
  4. As a part of your Buncee creation for your Buncee Buddies pen pals, include “Well May The World Go” lyrics and create a slide on what the song means to you.
  5. On the day of the concert, watch the concert live on Periscope by following the hashtag #bradyandbuncee to sing the song along with us!

When asked why “Well May The World Go” is a perfect song for Buncee Buddies: Celebrate Peace 2016 Brady says,”To me, the song “Well May the World Go” is like a wish, a wish hoping that we all enjoy the simple, beautiful things that life has to offer: nature, music, sports and play, community, family, love and finally, peace. It’s a song that gently reminds us that we should live passionately and responsibly – knowing that what we leave behind will be passed on to future generations.  It could also be a recipe for creating a peaceful world: take care of yourself and each other, respect and honor the earth, and then simply… well may the world go.”

Interested in joining Buncee Buddies? Leave a comment in this form.

When Brady sings “Well May The World Go,” we want everyone to join in! Share photos of your classroom watching and singing along with the hashtag #bradyandbuncee.

Participating in this concert and Buncee Buddies not only addresses the four pillars of global competence as outlined by the Asia Society, but it also will help your classroom meet The National Core Standards for Arts. See how Buncee helps educators meet the National Core Standards for Media Arts here.

The wonderful, innovative community at Southold Elementary and Buncee are thrilled to have Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could bring together Buncee Buddies for an inspiring, global musical event.

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