Are you Bunceefied?

As a Buncee user and devotee, I have decided that it’s time to coin a new word: “Bunceefied.” Simply defined, this is a person that loves to create and/or view Buncees.

Having worked with hundreds of teachers and students using Buncee and witnessing the sheer delight and joy they have with the product, it seemed only fitting that this experience be defined for all users.

A common first reaction to Buncee is, “What do I do with this?” However, once people see the vast resources contained within the product and begin creating, they realize the possibilities are limitless.

It is not surprising that their very next reaction is… ‘Wow, what can’t I do with this?’

That said, Buncee is changing the way teachers and students implement, create, present and understand topics, holidays, family, each other and themselves. If it’s in your mind, it can be a Buncee! So…ask yourself daily… “Have you been Bunceefied?” If not, please do JOIN the CLUB!!

Bonnie A. Foster is a Technology Professional Developer in Long Island, NY.

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