Blended Learning and Station Rotation With Buncee

The following is a guest blog by first-grade educator Stacy Johnson. Read on to see how Stacy uses Buncee to bring blended learning to her classroom.

When I started looking into the best way to meet the needs of all of my students, I knew that the station rotation model would be ideal. I wanted to meet with four small groups of students for about 15 minutes each day during my math block. My goal was to have four stations that students could work at independently with activities that were engaging, but that didn’t require me to have to do hours of prep work. Buncee to the rescue! I used Buncee to set up my small group schedule and to develop blended learning lessons.  

During my math block, students rotate between four stations: Teacher, STEM (makerspace, tech, Buncee creating, or math work), Tech (Zearn, Xtramath, or Prodigy), and Blended Lesson. My high group begins with me and my low group starts at the blended lesson. There are three reasons that I structure it this way…

  1. When I’m meeting with my high group, I can tell if they need to do the video that goes with the blended lesson. I’m able to introduce extension activities that they can do during our math block, and I’m able to see if they would benefit from coming back to my table with another group.
  2. This allows my low group the opportunity to do the blended lesson, interact with the lesson via Zearn, and hear/see as I’m teaching other groups. By the time they get to me, they have seen/heard the content at least twice beforehand. I can fill in gaps much quicker and make better use of our time together.
  3. By the time I have taught three small groups, I have better prepared my instruction for my lowest group. I was able to see what areas my high group has struggled with and can target those areas for my low group. By doing this, I realize what my students know in math and am able to change groups daily as needed.

This is how I organize the schedule on Buncee. Students scan a QR code to access the Buncee. It includes transitions for cleaning up and an embedded timer.


I also use Buncee to create my blended lessons. I am able to make a unique QR code for that lesson within Buncee that I can print out. My students can then scan the QR code to do the lesson individually or with a partner. Each lesson is set up almost exactly the same. Each lesson has a YouTube video, an exit ticket activity, and an extension activity. Sometimes the extension activity is to create a word problem in Buncee for a friend to solve in Seesaw. Students share their word problem Buncees by copying the link and sharing in Seesaw. 

Once students know the routine, they are able to do this station independently. If students feel like they can complete the exit ticket activity without the video, they have that choice. If they have trouble with the exit ticket activity, I do have them review the video during another rotation.

For students who struggle with reading, Buncee allows me to record audio directions into the lesson for my students so they don’t have to interrupt my teaching. If students have difficulty navigating from the YouTube link or forget what the extension activity is, they just scan the QR code that I have printed for each blended lesson.

Here is an example lesson.

Here are my students scores in Assessment Period 1:

Notice the growth to Assessment Period 3:

As you can see below, on average, my class surpassed the Average Target Growth for One Year, according to iReady.

Using Buncee has helped me differentiate in a way that I haven’t been able to before!  The ability to embed videos, create QR codes, format slides that are easy to follow and eye-catching, record audio directions, and make everything so easy for my students and I truly makes Buncee a lifesaver!

Stacy Johnson is a first grade teacher in Flagler County, previously in Osceola and Orange Counties. She has taught for over 19 years; all in primary grades. She earned her B.S. in Exceptional Student Education and M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education from Florida State University. She has taught ESE Pre-K, Kindergarten (ESE and Advanced), and 1st Grade. She is the proud mother of four boys who are the center of her world!  She enjoys collaborating with other teachers and is an ambassador for Buncee, GoNoodle, and Seesaw. She loves sharing and learning about her passions; educational technology and giving student’s choice and voice!

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