Branding your Classroom and School with Buncee 3.0

Whether it’s through brochures, flyers, social media or another medium, you probably know that branding is essential to any organization, and that, of course, includes schools! Our latest update, Buncee 3.0 makes it easy to create and share branding content to build your school’s voice. From teachers who want to promote their classroom to administrators looking to brand their school or district, Buncee 3.0 gives you more options than ever! Let’s take a look at just a few ways you can brand your classroom and school with Buncee’s newest features.

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Create your Personalized Business Cards:
Branding your school or classroom starts with branding yourself! Teachers and Administrators can introduce themselves to parents and other educators with a unique and memorable business card made with Buncee! With Buncee 3.0’s new business card canvas size, it’s fun and easy to make your own business card, which you can print out or share online. With our business background category, there are so many templates to choose from and make your own. Or, get really creative and create one from scratch by using any number of our different backgrounds and graphics!

Social Media Banners:
Buncee 3.0’s banner size makes creating eye-catching mission statements and motivational posters easy and fun. Create and personalize your own banner in ways that represent who you are and what you stand for. This is a great way to brand yourself and give your audience a purview into who you are! Upload pictures of your school building and grounds, and proudly emblazon your school’s mission statement upon a banner that is the perfect size for your school’s website, Facebook, or Twitter page. In addition, you can use our extensive collection of stickers, graphics, and brand new shapes to create uplifting motivational banners. Share them on your classroom page, or print them out to hang above your whiteboard or in the hallways!

Virtual Brochures:
You know your school is unique; so why not let everyone else know it with a Buncee virtual brochure? With Buncee 3.0’s enhanced drawing, text, shapes, and opacity tools, designing a brochure that highlights the amazing things about your school is effortless. Upload your own photos, or choose from our collection of graphics to find what suits your school. Then print it out for visitors to take with them, or add some audio or video of your students and share it online, to really add a personal touch.

Virtual or Printable Flyers:
Buncee 3.0 is a great way for you to create your own printable or virtual flyers! Our new 8.5″x11″’ letter size is perfect for either landscape or portrait style flyers; and with our drawing, shape, and opacity tools, the possibilities really are endless! Share them via email or social media with the push of a button, or print them out to decorate your classroom! With Buncee 3.0, it is so easy to create beautiful flyers to advertise your next school event.

Virtual or Printable Newsletters:
Why not take things a step further and increase your parental and community engagement by creating virtual or printable newsletters with Buncee 3.0? With so many canvas sizes and media assets to choose from, you can be free to create the newsletter that suits your unique needs without limitations. Choose a letter size in portrait mode that you can easily print out, or go for a classic Buncee canvas style, add in animations, audio, and as many slides as you want for an informative and gorgeous newsletter you can share via email or social media.

We hope these ideas will support your classroom and school’s branding initiatives and that with Buncee, you’ll discover endless possibilities that inspire you every day. If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with our latest update, check out the other Buncee 3.0 blogs in our series:  Back to School Activities with Buncee and Enhancing Parent Engagement with Buncee.  We can’t wait to see what you’ll create, so please share your creations with us in our Facebook Educators Group, or on Twitter – just make sure to tag @Buncee when you do!

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