Buncee 3.0: Canvas Sizing

At Buncee, we know that when it comes to creativity, one size does not fit all! As part of our Buncee 3.0 release, we’re launching new canvas sizes, which will give you the freedom to really think outside the box. You’ll still have access to the classic, landscape style, 16:9 rectangle that all Buncee users have come to know and love; but you’ll see we’ve added many more options. 

Canvas sizing is just one of the new features and tools we’ve added to our Buncee 3.0 release, so be sure to check out our other posts in our Buncee 3.0 series to learn about the other major features in this update: New Media Options and New and Enhanced Creation Tools. And if you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with our latest updates, check out the other Buncee 3.0blogs in our series:  Back to School Activities with Buncee, Branding your Classroom and School with Buncee, and Enhancing Parent Engagement with Buncee. But for now, scroll down to learn more about our new canvas sizes and check out this article to learn how to use this feature!

Banner Size (1500 px x 500 px):
We have so many users who design their Facebook, Twitter, and website header images with Buncee. They do a great job, of course, but there’s always some amount of cropping or compressing the image to make it fit. No longer! With Buncee’s new banner size, you can creatively brand yourself, your classroom, or your school, with ease, and have it look perfect every time! This is perfect for Back to School season as designing your own banner can help you publicly set the image of your class for your community to see. In addition, beyond a digital format, banner sized Buncees can also be perfect for designing your own classroom printables, such as bookmarks and classroom decorations. What a great way to add your own personalized touch to your learning environment!

Letter Size (8.5”x11” and 11”x8.5”):
There are so many uses for letter sized canvases. With this new Buncee size, you can bring a new and interactive experience to your traditional word documents! Creating letter sized Buncees will not only be great for producing interactive research reports, notebooks/journals, worksheets, and parent newsletters; but it’s also perfect for designing classroom posters, school newspaper, as well as for publicizing school causes and events! There’s just so much Buncee potential to be unraveled in this new size. So, go ahead and give your next doc a fun and engaging Buncee touch!

Square Size (1:1):
Talk about options! The square canvas is great for social media communication. Using this canvas, you can quickly and easily create an amazing looking web graphic to post on either your personal, classroom or school’s social media account! Whether you’re using the square size to create flashcards, to design a motivational quote, or advertise your own Twitter chat or school event, creating these on Buncee will give your social (and printed) posts a visually engaging and super creative edge!

Business card size (3.5×2):
We all know it’s true:  first impressions are always important. So, why stick to a halfhearted, and mass produced looking business card? Business cards are more than just a way to pass over your name and contact information – they’re an opportunity for you to brand yourself and share who you are with the world! With Buncee’s new business card size, you can creatively design cards that bring out your personality and highlight your credentials. Using Buncee to add a personalized touch to your cards will not only leave a memorable statement, but can also make for a great icebreaker as you connect and build your PLN. Here are some examples to check out:  example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5. For additional inspiration, check out some of the Buncee Business Cards already designed by some of our community and our post Branding your Classroom and School!

Custom (1×1 – 1920×1920):
Are all those options still not enough? Never fear! Not only can you choose preset canvas sizes, but for all your unique needs, you can choose a custom canvas size for your artwork. The maximum size you can select is 1920:1920, giving you plenty of freedom to create your way. With all these new shapes and sizes, Buncee’s creative possibilities are truly endless.

So many updates, so much to explore – and all in just one release! Just in time for Back to School season, these new canvas sizes will give our users more freedom to create and share in their own way. If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with our latest update, check out the other Buncee 3.0 blogs in our series:  Back to School Activities with Buncee, Branding your Classroom or School with Buncee, and Enhancing Parent Engagement with Buncee. We hope these new features will encourage you and your students to learn and grow, and that with Buncee, you’ll discover endless possibilities that inspire you every day. Please keep the inspiration train going, and share them with us in our Facebook Educators’ Group, or on Twitter – just make sure to tag @Buncee when you do!

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