Buncee Badges: Unlock them all!

The Buncee community never ceases to provide us with inspiration and ideas for creating engaging learning experiences for students. The new Buncee Badges are no exception! When we heard educators mention how students would love to receive badges for completing tasks on Buncee, we were on it! Now, students and educators can unlock badges for completing various tasks.

You and your students will be rewarded with badges as you create Buncees, complete assignments, engage on Buncee Boards, and more! Work your way from Buncee Explorer to Buncee Grand Master. Educators and students can find their badges on their Profile page; educators can also view their students’ Buncee Badges in their Classes (see GIF below).

Buncee Badges

How to Earn Your Badges
As you and your students complete tasks on Buncee, you can unlock new badges! Creating Buncees, engaging on Buncee Boards, sending home assignments, and completing assignments are just some of the ways. 

How to View and Share Your Badges

  1. When a Buncee Badge is unlocked, you will receive a notification in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  2. The unlocked Buncee Badges can be found in your Profile Page. When logged into your account, select your profile image in the top right corner, choose View Profile and Badges, then select the Badges tab.
  3. There, you and your students can see the new badges you’ve earned as well as the badges you each have yet to unlock!
  4. To share or download your badges, click on the badge you’ve earned and choose which social channel you want to share it on; or feel free to download it to proudly print or email out to your friends and family!


Three Ways to Encourage Students with Buncee Badges
1.  Celebrate!
When one of your students gets a new badge, it’s a great time to celebrate! When your students hit a big milestone, pop that badge and their name onto a Certificate background that you can present to them. Older students may not get as excited about the smaller badges, but when you celebrate appropriate milestones, you send the message that you value student work and accomplishment. Send the certificate home by email, or print it off for a more official feel. Parents love seeing evidence of their child’s hard work and learning, and this is an easy way to share that progress with them.

Click here to get a certificate template!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.37.30 AM


2.  Show Off (a little)
Set up a class Buncee Board for your students to share their badges! Kids love sharing their accomplishments, and they enjoy seeing where their friends are. As they accumulate new badges (there are more on their way!), they can update their Buncee to celebrate their successes.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.47.06 PM


3.  Use Badges as Credentials
All of your students have been working hard, making progress, and putting together some great Buncees. But you notice that Adah and Andrew have really kicked it into high gear lately. They both earned their Buncee Master badge before anyone else even got to Buncee Rockstar. Kids like being the expert in a situation, and they learn well from each other. Use this! Adah and Andrew are now your go to helpers for any Buncee questions. Liana’ has a question, Ian’s having some trouble? That’s okay, we’ve got a couple of Grand Masters in here! There’s so much to love here – it frees up your time, it gets help to the students who need it, and your other helpful students want to get it in gear so they can be the helper, too!

Take it a step farther – print up a business card for your students to use as an ID badge. Your principal’s been asking you to tell her about this Buncee that she keeps hearing about? Send Theo down to her office (with an appointment, of course) with his Buncee Master Card, and have him give her a demo! Your principal will be impressed, and think of the message that sends to Theo! Hand your students the reins whenever you can, and watch them grow!

Click here to get a business card template!Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.56.53 AM

Now, what are you waiting for? Keep creating with your students and become a Buncee Grand Master! Share your classroom achievements with us by using the hashtag #BunceeBadges!

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