Buncee for Schools & Districts + Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS)

Buncee for Schools & Districts is thrilled to now be integrated with Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS)! Schools and districts can now use their Microsoft credentials to sync user profiles and roster information with Buncee. While our Buncee Classroom subscription offers Microsoft Single Sign-On, SDS integration makes school-wide adoption of the Buncee creation canvas & classroom dashboard a seamless process for educators, students, and administrators.

With just a click, teachers can import roster information from Microsoft into their Buncee accounts. Both educators and students can then simply use their Microsoft usernames and passwords to log into Buncee from any connected device.

Explore the “How To Use Microsoft SDS” guides for both administrators and teachers & students below to learn more. 

Note that only Buncee for Schools & Districts users have access to Microsoft SDS. Interested in getting Buncee for Schools & Districts? Request more info here!  

How To Use Microsoft SDS for Administrators 

1) After acquiring a Buncee for Schools & Districts account, click on the configure link in the onboarding email from Buncee
2) Sign in with your Microsoft Admin Account

3) Accept to complete the authorization



How To Use Microsoft SDS for Teachers & Students

1) Once your school/district has purchased Buncee for Schools & Districts, head to your custom domain (for ex – https://custom.edu.buncee.com)



2) Select sign in with Microsoft



Note: You have to Sign in to your Microsoft School account

3) On the Buncee Dashboard, select Sync with Office 365


4) Roster Importing is Successful!
Additionally, the roster information is used for sharing. You can share a Buncee directly with your students/teachers.

For more information about Microsoft School Data Sync, head to the Microsoft SDS website.

Buncee for Schools & Districts is the Buncee product for district-wide implementation. You can learn more about Buncee here and find out more about Buncee for School & Districts hereRequest more info here.

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