Buncee in my classroom

I discovered Buncee a few months back when I was working on this project on Microsoft. It was a collaboration project called “Lets End Poverty: A SDG initiative” and I saw MIEE educator friends from abroad using Buncee to create wonderful videos. I was so impressed, my next step was to go and download Buncee. Not having an iPhone, I was unsure if I could get Buncee, but then people from Buncee guided me by letting me know that I could use it directly on the website, and that was the beginning of my journey with Buncee.



I love Buncee because it engages my students. They became engaged visually, and we all know that visual learning is very effective, so I decided to immediately start learning Buncee. Since I am very bad at drawing, I used Buncee to create my visual messages for my first project on poverty and I loved it. Next was a project called, “Festivals in India” and then “Don’t Litter the Sea” I even created a Buncee for the Peace Day Project. Still learning Buncee, I felt like a student myself at the time, and it was giving me such a sense of achievement. I thought “If my students join in, how wonderful it would be”, so I decided to share Buncee with them. They appreciated it!

 When I started engaging my students with Buncee, I discovered the Buncee magic. This is when I discovered that there are so many ways I can use Buncee. I can use it for classroom lesson plans, creating questions, an introduction to a lesson, or an assignment as homework. This list is very long, and I am just mentioning just a few things. I planned to engage my students with projects and homework, and the students would love it!

Buncee has plenty of English resources available. I can use animations, my voice, video, stickers, and I can search on the canvas itself. There are plenty of fonts to choose from, and you can change the size of it. I don’t have to save pictures in advance, plus I can choose between many slides or just one. I am still learning and discovering the endless resources Buncee offers. I hope to learn more and more and to use it more in my classroom. In my classroom, I am a board teacher, meaning my students are not allowed to do many activities. This is when I find Buncee to be very useful. They can create during break time, at home, and share it with me. Buncee does not take up much time like other projects and methods. With exams just 3 months away, students can be involved. Students can take a break from exams by taking a “creative break”.  So yes, I am looking forward to the Bunceefication of my classroom.


Nalini Srivastava teaches 10th and 12th grade English and History in India. She is a published author and poet and is a champion of Autism Awareness. You can follower her journey on twitter

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