Buncee in the Library!

We asked Librarian Lynn Cesiro how she used Buncee in her school. Check out what she said:


Book Fair Advertisements

Lynn hosts a Free Book Fair during November parent/teacher conferences:

“Since it’s usually cold at this time of year it’s called Warm Up with a Good Book. The features in Buncee that are useful are the fact that it’s shareable on twitter and you can also print it, or copy it and place it into a document. I was able to attach the schedule of the Book Fair and link to our upcoming #AvilleGoRead Scavenger Hunt that happens in December. I made one Buncee as an announcement and one as a sign for printing. The graphics and animation are fun to use and view and students like to view making them more likely to read and remember the information.”

The book fair flyer for Warm Up with a Good Book:
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.13.57 AM

Book Snaps

A seventh grade English class in Lynn’s school used Buncee to create Buncee BookSnaps(read more on Buncee Book Snaps here).

“These are similar to the BookSnaps invented by educator Tara Martin.  A BookSnap is taking a quote from a book that represents the book and then adding graphics to represent the quote and book. We took it one step further…”

They created video book reviews to go into their BookSnaps, and added in a QR code to their Buncee, so anyone visiting the library could check out their review of the book!


Lynn Cesiro is a Middle School Librarian servicing students in grades seven through nine at Edmund W. Miles Middle School.

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