Engaging Students Remotely with Buncee

Engaging Students Remotely with Buncee

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools worldwide temporarily closed their doors. During these school closures, educators have been striving to find alternative methods to keep their students engaged and connected, so that the students would still be able to learn.

If you’re looking for a way to help your students, Buncee is a great option for remote learning.

A Malaysian educator, Goh Kok Ming, who recently serves at one of the Under-Enrolled Schools in Perak, Malaysia, found Buncee an interesting tool to keep his students learning and having fun. He prepared his first ever 14 Day Virtual Math Challenge with Buncee. Buncee is great for creating hyper-docs, and linking several different resources all in one place. In this virtual challenge, he created a 14 day calendar on Buncee, and added a link to a different resource in the box for each day. Students have to follow the links on each day. For instance, on one day, students may have to take cumulative quizzes through Kahoot! and they can strive for their leading ranks. On another day, they might have to film and showcase their DIY STEM Shows based on themes inspired by a youtube video.

Although students are from different backgrounds, Buncee helps them to communicate and learn together during this hard time. They have lots of fun and they build up their confidence! Buncee also encourages students to be self-paced learners as they track their own challenge progression daily. Goh Kok Ming was able to easily share his Math Challenge with other teachers, to inspire them to create their own virtual challenge.

Meet the Author:

Goh Kok Ming is a Research Assistant, and a Math Educator at one of the Under-Enrolled Schools in Perak, Malaysia. He is a #Flipgrid Certified Educator L1, #MIEExpert&MTrainer, a #DreamOnX Ambassador, and #EdpuzzleCoach.

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