Five Family Holiday Activities On Buncee

‘Tis the season for spending quality time with loved ones, and in this first post in our #bunceeyourholidays series, we’re sharing five fun family activities to do with your little ones on Buncee! Buncee is a creation tool you and your kiddos can you explore together, and as you do, your kids will be working their creating, designing, and digital storytelling skills. Not only will you have fun selecting stickers, recording audio and writing, you’ll be learning together too. Explore the five activities below!

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1. Reach Out To Loved Ones:
Create greeting cards to share with your friends & family. Use the audio & video recording tools on your creation canvas to truly personalize the card with your children. Sing holiday songs into stickers and send it to your loved ones! Open the Buncee below and select the play buttons on each sticker an adorable example. 

Click here to see the Buncee


2. Gratitude Activities:

Copy or print the Buncee below and write what you and your family are thankful for. Feel free to make your own Buncee, or customize this template anyway you want. Once you’re done, share it with your friends & family. Be sure to explore more gratitude activities here.

Click here to see the Buncee


3. Mess-Free Cookie Decorating:
Copy the Buncee below, and decorate digital gingerbread cookie stickers with your kiddos. Duplicate the slide if you’d like to design more! You can also create your own Buncee together and search “gingerbread” in the stickers category.

Click here to see the Buncee


4. Holiday Storytelling:
With our stickers & background, you and your little ones can imagine and create together! Write a winter wonderland tale, create a holiday scene, or even make a #booksnap of a story you’re reading together!

Click here to see the Buncee


Click here to see the Buncee


5. Document Memories:
Buncee’s creation tools & ease-of-use make it possible for all ages to create scrapbooks documenting holiday memories. Capture the memories with photos, and collect them all in a Buncee you design together. Share with loved ones!

Building a snowman? Copy the Buncee below, and add your photos into the frames!

Click here to see the Buncee


Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, from the Buncee team!

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