Have You Ever Wondered Why Teachers Should Let Their Students Buncee?

Why should teachers let students Buncee?

It’s only been two and a half years since I discovered the amazing world of Buncee during my spring break, but I absolutely cannot imagine operating my classroom without it! Ever since Buncee entered my world, life in my classroom has been dramatically changed – forever. It was during those magical moments when I introduced my fifth graders to the Buncee canvas that I realized just exactly how fabulous Buncee really was. The excitement that I saw in my students’ eyes as they began exploring the Buncee canvas captivated me. It only took a few instructions from me before they were fully engaged on their on quest for creative expression in whatever subject we were working on during class. Hearing their squeals of delight while creating Buncee vocabulary slides (in reading, math, history, or science), explaining concepts in math, crafting imaginative stories, visualizing quotes for the day, enjoying mindful minutes, or simply “Free Buncee-ing” fostered the passion that we lovingly refer to as Buncee Fever! Monitoring their efforts is absolutely mesmerizing. 


But you don’t have to listen to this educator explain the benefits of Buncee in the classroom. Far more powerful than my own words could ever be are the absolutely honest, heartfelt words of my students. I recently posed this question to my students during our Morning Message, “Why should teachers let their students Buncee?”.  My students immediately opened their Buncee canvas to share their reasons: 


Blue Buncee


Stage Buncee

Blue Geometric Buncee


Buncee style Buncee

Galaxy Buncee

Classroom Buncee 

Teacher and students Buncee 

Buncee empowers student voice and choice in the classroom. Students experience a freedom that enriches whatever they are doing while creating with Buncee. Buncee also fosters collaboration in the most rewarding way. When one student encounters a potential challenge during creativity, another student quickly steps in even before I can reach them to offer assistance. This is incredible to watch in action. Students also share tips and tricks they learn on their quest to becoming Buncee Masters.

Buncee truly is a tool that I cannot imagine living without in my classroom (or in my life outside of the classroom) – ever again. I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of Buncee, as have my students. Their words continue to inspire me daily to provide them with the opportunity to create, collaborate, present, share, and inspire through the Buncee canvas. When asked what their favorite part of Buncee is, my students responded: EVERYTHING!” I believe that says it all! 

About Barbie Monty: Barbie received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (Cum Laude) from Mississippi University for Women. Upon moving to Tampa Bay and marrying in 2000, Barbie came to Carrollwood Day School.  She was drawn to CDS after learning of its character education initiative.   She quickly became an active member of the CDS faculty taking a position in the fifth grade.  She assumed the role of advisor to the fifth grade School Store where her responsibilities include scheduling students and parents, ordering merchandise, and monitoring its weekly operation which gives students hands-on experience preparing them for their unit focusing on business and economics.  She eagerly accepted the role of Inservice Coordinator for the faculty of the ECC, the elementary, and middle school division and excitedly added the high school division upon its inception.  
Barbie became the advisor to the fifth-grade Safety Patrol and is responsible for training, scheduling, and monitoring the patrol on a daily basis providing fifth graders with an incredible opportunity to experience leadership roles before beginning their middle school journey.  Barbie loves working with the CDS fifth grade students and has been instrumental in developing many of the Units of Inquiry they currently enjoy each year.  Follow Barbie’s class on Twitter!

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