New Feature: Playing Card Canvas Size

We know that when it comes to creativity, one size does not fit all. Our recent launch of Buncee 3.0 allows for a variety of different canvas sizes to choose from. But after speaking with the Buncee community, we realized that there was a bit more the tool could offer in terms of canvas size. That’s why we’ve launched the new “Playing Card” feature!

Talk about options!

You can quickly and easily create playing cards for an activity that gets the whole classroom involved, or prompt cards for an engaging and memorable PD session. 

Now you can create:

  • Language learning flashcards
  • Activity cards for professional development
  • Behavior cards
  • Task cards to encourage independent learners
  • Fraction math cards
  • Character cards to show off your personality
  • Customized playing cards
  • Achievement punch cards

Learning can go beyond the classroom, too. Students are able to create language flashcards to practice at home with the family, or to study for an upcoming test with cards created in class.

Thanks to awesome feedback, from you, our community, we found another feature to add to make learning enjoyable for every age. Our amazing community inspires us every day and keeps pushing us to improve our tool.

Feel free to share your playing card Buncees with us via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

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