Recording Father’s Day Memories with Buncee

Recording Father's Day Memories with Buncee

You can’t scare me, I have 2 daughters.

My favorite literary quote used to be from Robert Frost “Two roads diverged in a wood”. Recently, my wife gave birth to our second daughter. Now, my favorite phrase is “You can’t scare me, I have two daughters.” Many of you know me as the PE/General/Special Education teacher at PS 457 in the Bronx, NY. That is all true, but I am proud to share my Buncee story of my life. I love how versatile Buncee is– from creating Bitmoji classrooms, to choice boards to even Mother’s Day cards. Whether you use one of the templates or create your own, the Buncee cards really are a hit (I can attest from experience). While the future is hopefully bright, I hope you will join me as I reminisce verbally and visually. 

I am late to the Buncee party as I only started using it last May of 2020. However, I am glad we did meet. I am proud to the be the first PE ambassador. My story isn’t about PE. My heart is so full of love, joy and pride. There is no other creation tool like Buncee! What better way to reflect and create a visual about the major moments of my life?

I am a proud educator, however, the best “position” I will ever have is being a father.

I met my wife on September 11, 2010, and we were married on July 19, 2014. Married life is great but for Father’s Day I feel like life really began the moment I held my first daughter Maryann on May 8, 2018. Life became even sweeter this past May 20th when Shannon came into my life.

Buncee has truly been remarkable in helping me translate my classroom. The ways I use it outside of the classroom have been amazing as well. I used it to create cards, a logo for my Youtube channel and even inspirational quotes. Check them out below. What started out a visual story board of how I met my spouse and the birth of my children, has evolved into a baby book I can update as the years go by.

Whether you use the Ideas Lab or templates, simply adding a picture to your Buncee slide is incredibly easy.

I was able to add a screenshot of the Starbucks where we had our first date. My grandmother may not be around for when my daughters get older, but they can see who she is. I was also able to upload a video of our first dance. Buncee also allows me to upload YouTube videos, search pictures from the web and even include 3D images. I even included a few pages that are interactive in my virtual family scrapbook. You can leave a comment and take a guess which daughter is which. Since everything is digital and we don’t need huge camcorders or VHS cassette tapes, this scrapbook is easy to collect memories in one place.

But wait there’s more! If you love what I did or are inspired to make your own, you can easily make a copy and start creating. It’s that simple. I am a bit biased because I am a Buncee Ambassador, but creating something like this is easy and extremely fun. There really is no limit to what you can create using Buncee. 

Meet the Author

Jim Hambel is a PE/General/Special Education teacher at PS 457 in the Bronx, NY. He is the first PE Ambassador at Buncee. He was recently awarded the 2021 Dr. R. Doris Corbett Johnson Leaders for Our Future Award by SHAPE America. He has three teaching licenses and a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree from Adelphi University. He is a proud and happy husband and father of two. 

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