Global Virtual Valentine’s Day Project

The following is a guest post by buncee ambassador Dyane Smokorowski, 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year and Instructional Technology Coach at Andover Public Schools in Andover, Kansas. 

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrations, friendships, games, candied hearts, and fun.  It’s also a great time of year for students to be involved in creative writing projects.  From poetry to persuasive writing, students enjoy being a part of the holiday.

One writing opportunity that is perfect for this time of year is the Global Virtual Valentines Project – a project designed to teach students geographical awareness and cultural understanding.  In it, registered classrooms from different geographical locations are paired together and asked to create digital (or virtual) Valentine’s Day greetings for each other.  Classrooms are also required to research the culture and region of their partner classroom and calculate the miles between each school.

eduBuncee is a perfect tool for the Virtual Valentines Project. With all the creative options available, all your students need to bring is their imagination. Students can make a buncee about where they are from and what they do on Valentine’s Day to email across the world! Incorporate video, voice recordings, text, photos, and more into your valentines.

A multi-slide valentine with love from Maine.

Have students choose their favorite video from their hometown.

Record your voice! Click ‘Share The Love’ to hear the recording.

The goal of the project is to circumnavigate the globe with virtual Valentine’s Day greetings and cultural exchanges in order to spread a little happiness to children everywhere.  If you would like to be a part of this terrific project register or learn more about the projecct, head to


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