#WallpaperWednesday: Australia’s Cutest Critters

Buncee Buddies, our global pen pal project, is coming back for Spring 2017! This time around, we’ll be celebrating the Earth, what unites us all, and our communities’ cultural, geographical, and environmental differences.

So this #WallpaperWednesday, we decided to make some backgrounds in honor of our Buncee Buddies across the globe and down under. Plus, who doesn’t love koalas or kangaroos?

Download either of these adorable wallpapers as a reminder of 1) how cute koalas are and 2) that our pen pal project Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2017 is coming soon!

Want to create your own wallpaper on Buncee? When you are finished creating your Buncee, click “View” in the top left of the creation screen. Then, simply drag a thumbnail image (found beneath your Buncee) of the Buncee slide you would like as your wallpaper onto your desktop.




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