#WallpaperWednesday: Books on Books

This week, libraries around the country celebrated Dr.Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America. At Buncee, we celebrated as well by adding a new category of Library stickers. Read this blog by teacher-librarian Shannon Miller to see how these stickers can help brand your library, while your students use them for fun creations!

The desktop background below is inspired by the literary events of this week. Download this bookish #WallpaperWednesday creation and be sure to check out our new category of library stickers to create your own!

Want to create your own wallpaper on Buncee? When you are finished creating your Buncee, click “View” in the top left of the creation screen. Then, simply drag a thumbnail image (found beneath your Buncee) of the Buncee slide you would like as your wallpaper onto your desktop.


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