#WallpaperWednesday: Digital Learning Day

February 23rd is Digital Learning Day. This is a day dedicated to celebrating and spreading the innovative practices happening in schools around the world and to promoting equitable access to high-quality digital learning opportunities for all youth.

As an education technology company, we not only support this day because it taps directly into our passion (digital learning). We believe the goals of Digital Learning Day, to spread practices and promote access to technology, are some of the keys to ensuring that the amazing opportunities technology can provide are available to all.

This #WallpaperWednesday is celebrating the mission of Digital Learning Day. Download the wallpaper below as a reminder to follow #DLDay and share the awesome project you’re doing in your school!

Want to create your own wallpaper on Buncee? When you are finished creating your Buncee, click “View” in the top left of the creation screen. Then, simply drag a thumbnail image (found beneath your Buncee) of the Buncee slide you would like as your wallpaper onto your desktop.


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