#WallpaperWednesday: Peace, Love, And Buncee Buddies

It’s #WallpaperWednesday again! This week, we’re getting pumped for the musical event of the season: The Peace, Love, and Buncee Buddies concert.

This concert is a celebration of our pen pal project (Buncee Buddies), peace, and the universal language of music. We will be live-streaming this concert to classrooms all around the world! Join us and classrooms from all over for this fun, beautiful musical event. Here is more information on the concert: https://bunc.ee/2cCjtmQ

Set the peace Buncee below as your background as a concert reminder, or as a simple reminder to bring peace with you throughout the new year.

Want to create your own background on Buncee? Make a Buncee, and then click “View” in the top left of the creation screen. Then simply drag a thumbnail photo (found beneath your Buncee) of the Buncee slide onto your desktop.

Have a suggestion for next week’s #WallpaperWednesday? Tweet it at @buncee!

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