Meet the Fall 2017 Buncee Ambassadors!

Here at Buncee, we’ve always loved the community of educators that has come together around our creation tools, so we’re naturally excited to be bringing more people into what we think of as the Buncee Family. As that family grows, we are continually astounded by the caliber of teachers that we have the honor to work with. They are dedicated, creative, and inspirational, always seeking to make a better learning experience for their students. Each time our family grows, we witness the joy of teachers learning from each other, and finding new ways to personalize classroom education. The Buncee Ambassadors are bringing creativity and fun into their classrooms!

We’re so excited to learn and grow with them, and to see the wonders that are unlocked for students this year as our Ambassadors share out their ideas, and bring inspiration back to their classrooms. Follow us on our Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the Buncee Ambassadors, and to hear their stories!

Meet the Fall 2017 Buncee Ambassador Crew

Click into the Buncees on the Buncee Board below to learn more about each Ambassador!


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