Wonder Why Students Should Be Using Buncee?

Want to see students’ eyes light up, filled with excitement while completely engrossed in their work? Then Buncee is definitely the tech tool you need to introduce in your classroom and watch the MAGIC happen.  Listen, as a few of my fifth graders share, in their own voice, what Buncee means to them and what a difference it has made in their academic journey this year.

Being a new user, having only accidentally discovered Buncee last year while on Spring Break, I was thrilled to be able to introduce it to my students at the beginning of the year.  Wow! What an incredible adventure blossomed with Buncee! My students completely became engrossed in ALL of the possibilities at their fingertips! Their world of creativity now had absolutely NO limits!  My students utterly embraced Buncee’s user-friendly canvas and used it in all academic areas when assigned and even when given the option to choose what presentation tool to use.

“I have seen creativity flourish, writing skills enriched, vocabulary skills developed, reading comprehension strengthened, and math concepts explained to peers as professionally as with Khan Academy through creativity with Buncee.  These are just a few of the countless benefits Buncee brings to the classroom. The most significant benefit, allowing students the opportunity to use Buncee, is improved outcomes. This makes the decision to use Buncee a key decision that should be entertained for all classrooms.”



Buncee Is Best
By Samantha


Buncee: The Best Presentation Tool
By Avery


Buncee is the Best
By Sarah


Why Buncee Is The Best
By David


Buncee is the Way to Go
By Andrew


A Whole New Presentation Experience
By Cathy


The Future Of Presentations
By Alexis


Buncee Beats the Rest
By Caylas


Buncee Post
By Jacob


About Barbie Monty: Barbie received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (Cum Laude) from Mississippi University for Women. Upon moving to Tampa Bay and marrying in 2000, Barbie came to Carrollwood Day School.  She was drawn to CDS after learning of its character education initiative. She quickly became an active member of the CDS faculty taking a position in the fifth grade. She assumed the role of advisor to the fifth grade School Store where her responsibilities include scheduling students and parents, ordering merchandise, and monitoring its weekly operation which gives students hands-on experience preparing them for their unit focusing on business and economics.  She eagerly accepted the role of Inservice Coordinator for the faculty of the ECC, the elementary, and middle school division and excitedly added the high school division upon its inception.

Barbie became the advisor to the fifth-grade Safety Patrol and is responsible for training, scheduling, and monitoring the patrol on a daily basis providing fifth graders with an incredible opportunity to experience leadership roles before beginning their middle school journey.  Barbie loves working with the CDS fifth grade students and has been instrumental in developing many of the Units of Inquiry they currently enjoy each year. Follow Barbie’s class on Twitter!


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