8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Buncee

8 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Buncee

Mother’s Day is a time to show your mom, and the amazing mother figures in your life, how much you appreciate them. Buncee gives you the tools to show your love, with a fun and personal touch! Here’s just 8 ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day with Buncee:

Create a personalized video message

Add a fun Buncee twist on traditional cards by making a virtual card! Decorate your mother’s day card with stickers and animations. Then, record a personalized video message for your mom. Because it’s all digital, you could even create one for an aunt or grandma too, then share anywhere!

Document your day together

At the end of the day, it’s the time spent together that is the most precious gift to give your loved ones! With Buncee, you can create memories that last by recording your day using text, video, audio, images, or whatever you choose.

Make Your Virtual Mother’s Day Call Special

For those of us who might be apart from our loved ones this Mother’s Day, a virtual call is a great way to stay connected, even though you’re not physically together. Make your virtual call special by spicing up your virtual backgrounds! Create a virtual background on Buncee, and personalize it with stickers, messages, or even photos! Download your Buncee as an image file, then upload it to your virtual call as a background!

Get to know her better!

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to connect with your mom, and get to know her better! This fun activity is perfect for moms and kids to do together on Mother’s Day, or anytime! Students can learn fun facts about their moms, reflect on memories shared together, and more.

Create a personalized photo album

A personalized photo album is such a sweet and thoughtful mother’s day gift. Easily upload your photos into a Buncee photo album, or spend time together making new memories as you take photos together! Either way, at the end of the day, you’ll have a digital photo album you can share together, and continue to add to!

Make a Recipe Together

Nothing brings people together like food. This Mother’s Day, spend some quality time with your mom by making a recipe together! Choose a favorite recipe, or find a new one to try out. Record the recipe, the ingredients, and the directions in your Buncee. When you’re done, include a photo of your creation!

Create a Unique AR Mother’s Day Card

Give your mom a Mother’s Day Card like no other! Create your own Augmented Reality Buncee card by using the AR feature on the Buncee iOS app. Add in stickers, animations, and a personalized message for your mom, then record a video and share with her!

Create a Mother’s Day Acrostic Poem

Created by Buncee Ambassador Deb Zeman, this fun activity encourages students to create a unique Mother’s Day acrostic poem! Students follow the template, and write their own poem for their mother, or a special person in their life. They can then print out their poem and share it, or share it online with the push of a button!

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