Buncee Update: Select Classes to Sync from Microsoft 365

Buncee Update: Select Classes to Sync from Microsoft 365

Attention Buncee for Schools and Districts users: Syncing your classes to Buncee from Microsoft 365 is now easier than ever! At Buncee, we want to give educators the power to personalize their virtual classroom, so you now have the option to choose which classes to sync from Microsoft 365!

Now, educators can create as many classes as you need in Microsoft 365, and control which classes you want to sync to Buncee at any time. Check out the video below to learn how easy it is:

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How are you using Buncee and Microsoft in your virtual classroom? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, our Facebook Page or our Buncee Educators Group, and be sure to stay informed on all our latest updates.

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