Live-embed Buncee into OneNote!

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Live-embed Buncee into OneNote!

We’re excited to announce that you can now embed your Buncees into Microsoft OneNote, keeping all of the fun and interactive features in tact! This is just one more step in which Buncee allows you to do more, quickly, so you and your students can focus on what’s really important — learning!

Scroll down to learn how it works and for ideas on how you can use it in your class.

How it works



Buncee & OneNote Ideas

Get students organized & engaged with interactive lessons and study guides

There are educators that love to use Buncee to create fun and engaging lessons, resources, and study guides. Now, with the OneNote integration, students can easily embed their class materials into their OneNote, and add their notes or reflections over the lessons as they need! In turn, OneNote makes for a great personal workspace for students to go back and review their notes and Buncees from previous lessons, keeping everything in one spot.

Embed Buncee into Microsoft OneNote - Example


Flip your class

#Appsmash Buncee and OneNote to guide your students as they learn how to solve word problems in your class. Create your Buncee-based lesson and use Buncee’s record video feature to include a short video of you explaining the problem, including guiding thoughts and ideas to help your students get started. Once you’ve created the lesson, have your students embed it into their OneNote. There, they can interact with your lesson, and use OneNotes’ note taking function to work the problem out, analyze or review, and solve the problem! With this flipped approach, lessons become more personalized for your students.

Embed Buncee into Microsoft OneNote - Example


Add a Buncee twist to peer learning via OneNote

Using Buncee, have your students recreate a scene or chapter from a book. Let them get creative as they demonstrate what they’ve learned and the significance of the characters or scenes they came across. Once finished, your students can embed each others’ Buncee chapters into their own OneNote Notebook and jot down their notes about what they’ve learned from one another!

Embed Buncee into Microsoft OneNote - Example


Don’t have a OneNote account yet? Learn more here to get started.

This integration is another way in which we continue to encourage you and your students to learn and grow! With Buncee and OneNote, you’ll discover endless possibilities that inspire you every day. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create! Feel free to share your Buncee & OneNote ideas with us on Twitter by tagging @Buncee and @OneNoteEDU!


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