Ambassador Jen Williams

GfSOTYF0ABOUT AMBASSADOR JEN WILLIAMS:   Recognized as a transformational leader in education, Jennifer Williams has dedicated herself for over 20 years to the field of education through her roles as a school administrator, literacy specialist, and classroom teacher. Currently, as the co-founder and lead program developer for Calliope Global, Jennifer works with schools, universities, and organizations from around the world on initiatives that empower teachers and students to learn and explore together as digital composers in common learning spaces. She is a Professor at Saint Leo University and serves on the Board of Directors for the International Literacy Association. Jennifer speaks, writes, and consults on practices that develop global perspectives through creative uses of technology, and she is a contributing author for Edutopia, Education Week, VIF, and the International Literacy Association. Jennifer is inspired everyday by teachers and students that are catalysts for making the world a better place. Follow her at @JenWilliamsEdu, and check out her website at CLASSROOM MOTTO: #goodbringsgood PROUDEST MOMENT OF YOUR EDUCATION CAREER: I think for an educator this is always a tricky question. As I reflect, there are so many moments in my career that stand out as defining experiences. Watching a young child transform from being resistant to picking up a pencil to shifting to one day saying "I am a writer!" Seeing teachers empowered to share their voices and opinions, hearing parents say a seemingly simple note I wrote them was the first positive feedback they had heard about their child. For truly it is a gift to be an educator. Each day brings moments of pride and celebration. I just feel honored to be a part of it all. WHY DID YOU WANT TO BECOME A BUNCEE AMBASSADOR? "Buncee lets you create amazing things to share with everyone." Every part of this phrase that defines Buncee also expresses my passions as an education. Creation, sharing, community, voice. The culture of Buncee has captivated me from the moment I discovered it. You all are the exception in my book. The organization that lifts educators up, provides a beautiful resource built around the sharing of stories, and celebrates the good in our world. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BUNCEES? jen1

Any Buncee create by one of my highered students would definitely be a favorite of mine! Here is one by Lucy, one of my preservice teachers at Saint Leo University:


Here is a Buncee I created after inspiration from my podcast conversation with the incredible Dr. Rod Berger!


Last, but not least, I LOVE so much the #FlatSean Buncees! The connections of this fun Buncee series to literature, world locations, and my amazing pal Sean Gaillard truly just makes me happy! And, this positive uplift for me is what defines Buncee!


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