New Feature: Augmented Reality is Now on Buncee iOS!

AR (Augmented Reality) Now in the Buncee iOS App

It’s no secret that it’s tons of fun to create your own world on Buncee…but have you ever wanted to bring some Buncee fun to your world? With the new Augmented Reality on the Buncee iOS app, now you can!

It’s easy and fun to add a Buncee twist to your world! With stickers, animations, emojis, and messages, you can bring your stories to life with Augmented Reality, or AR, on the Buncee iOS app. Let’s take a closer look at how this new feature works:

Please note that some older iPads may not support AR functionality. You can check out our help article to learn more about using AR on the Buncee iOS app.

AR on Buncee iOS can help you add some Buncee fun both in the classroom and beyond! Here’s some ideas on how you can use AR on Buncee iOS:

– Create a fun Halloween message to share with family and friends

– Use AR to visualize math problems .. ex: 3 pumpkins here plus 2 pumpkins there equals 5 pumpkins

– Use AR to explain lab equipment and safety protocols

– Encourage students to make their own engaging multimedia art

– Get to know students or staff with a fun virtual dress up party

– Challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge with an AR video

We can’t wait to see how you bring your stories to life with Buncee AR on the iOS app! Be sure to share your creations with us on Twitter, Instagram, our Facebook Page or our Buncee Educators Group, and join in on even more Buncee fun!

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