Buncee 3.0: New and Enhanced Creation Tools

At Buncee, we have a vision where anyone can have the power to create their own way.  To bring that vision to life, we’ve been hard at work to bring you updates that will give our users much more control over the way they create. With Buncee 3.0, we’re adding new creation tools, as well as enhancing existing ones, to help you tell your story, your way.

New and Enhanced Creation Tools are just some of the new updates that are part of our Buncee 3.0 release, so be sure to check out our other posts in our Buncee 3.0 series to learn about the other major features in this update: Canvas Sizing and New Media Options! And if you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with our latest updates, check out the other Buncee 3.0 blogs in our series:  Back to School Activities with Buncee, Branding your Classroom and School with Buncee, and Enhancing Parent Engagement with Buncee. But for now, let’s take a closer look at what new creation tools are available and how each will support your learning initiatives!

Enhanced Drawing Functionality
Drawing is a visual form of communication that we believe is as important as its verbal and written counterparts. As we know, not all learners are as easily able to express themselves through words and actions like their peers so drawing can be another positive communication outlet for them! In an effort to better support classrooms using this medium, we’ve made incredible updates to our drawing tool. Now, users can create multiple drawing layers on their Buncee.  This means that users will have more creative power to express themselves – allowing them to add as much (or as little) detail to their drawings without affecting the performance of their digital canvas. Further, for our more advanced Buncee drawers, the ability to draw on different layers means you have more control over which layer to (or not) edit! This update will let the artiste in you shine! Learn how to use this feature update here.


Enhanced Text Editing
We heard your feedback, so as part of our product update, we’ve added more flexibility to your text box tool! Within a text box, users can now highlight and selectively link text, make some words or parts bold, underlined, or italicized, and even vary paragraph alignments! This update will make it easier for you to communicate and stylize your messages.


We’re introducing a new feature called opacity – which is the ability to change the visibility of an item from solid to transparent, to anywhere in between. This exciting new feature will be great to help you set the mood of your story, suggest something mysterious, or enhance your visual designs! It’s applications are endless. Learn how to use this feature here.


Crop Images
Pictures speak a thousand words – and they certainly don’t do it in just one size! Previously, users could only crop uploaded images when they were using them as a background. With this latest product release, users now have the ability to crop images they upload or import as a link! This update offers increased flexibility as you create, and makes the process of inserting your own images go much more smoothly. Learn how to use this feature update here.


Zoom and Pan your Buncees
Now that we’ve expanded our canvas size options, we’ve also added the ability to zoom in or out and pan around your Buncee so you can focus your creative thoughts where and when you need at a time. The Zoom and Pan functions make adding and fine-tuning the details of your project easy and hassle-free! Learn how to use the Pan function here and how to use the Zoom function here.


Last but not least, you can more easily undo or redo your edits, all the way up to the first action in your current session. You can undo or redo any action that you’ve done to any media items, with either your keyboard shortcuts or by clicking in the navbar above the canvas. These assets are guaranteed to make creating your project more convenient. Learn how to use this feature here.


So many updates, so much to explore – and all in just one release! Just in time for Back to School season, these new creation tools will give our users more freedom to create and share in their own way.  We hope these new features will encourage you and your students to learn and grow, and that with Buncee, you’ll discover endless possibilities that inspire you every day. Don’t forget to share them with us in our Facebook Educators’ Group, or on Twitter – just make sure to tag @Buncee when you do!

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