Buncee Design School Day 1: The Basics of Making a Buncee

There are so many ways to Buncee! When looking at all of the completed Buncees out there, it always amazes me how people use Buncee assets so differently. Using Buncee lets you have creative freedom, which makes it so easy for everyone to use.

Personally, I tend to make very complex, detailed Buncees that have over 100 layers (Yes, over 100!). But, today we will focus on some tips and tricks that we can include in a Buncee! No need to hit the 100 layer Buncee to get something that grabs attention and looks good!

To get started, when opening the canvas, I focus only on the main content going into the Buncee. I stop, and think … What will be included in this presentation? What images do I need? What text will be added? All those questions will help you get the most important part out of the way in the beginning. Add your text, images, links, etc. 

When adding all of this content in, I try to keep it as is. I don’t change the font, size, rearrange the text box or images just quite yet. After that is added, I go directly into the + button in the canvas and add the BEST part… Stickers, Animations, Backgrounds for each slide, and Messages!


Once you start adding your Buncee assets into the canvas, you will get more of an idea how you would like to re-arrange. Adding stickers that are relevant to the important content is always key! Since Buncee has over 20,000 assets to choose from, It is never hard finding the right sticker or animation!

After re-arranging the content in the Buncee you will get a nice layout knowing that you don’t need to add anything else. After making the layout like I want, I add my Background!

If there is a lot of text, I try to keep the Buncee background as simple as possible, maybe even just a highlight color or something that gives it a bit of texture. Just be sure that any text you have added in your Buncee is legible with the background you choose.

After I have added my background I take a look at the overall Buncee in View mode (located at the top left of the canvas) to see if I would like to add anything else to the Buncee. This is like the icing on the cake for me- I LOVE adding animations and extra Buncee assets to really spice it up!

And here is the end result:

Click here to see this in Buncee!


Meagan Stein was a graphic designer at Buncee for many years. Her Buncee creations are truly works of art. She would often add the finishing touches to our Buncee creations, or “Meg-ify” them. She has moved on to focus on family and begin the next chapter of her life.


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