Buncee Design School Day 2 – Depth and Perspective

After the Buncee Basics of getting a Buncee completed, I like to go into detail a bit of how you can really spruce up your Buncee. Take that and bring it to the next level!

There are so many tips and tricks I use to add depth and perspective! Now, the question is… How?

Well, it really depends on what you are trying to create in your Buncee masterpiece. If you were to create something that has more visuals, you can really go for perspective and depth!

To achieve that, make sure to always start with the ‘further away items’.

I want to add these trees in the distance of my Buncee. So, what I will start off doing is resizing them. A great way to do it all at once is hit Command on a Mac (CTRL on PC or Chrome), and press on each of them, as if you were going to group the items (but skip hitting the group button for now!).

After resizing all of the items, I then scatter them along the page. This is where we add depth.

Make one overlap another and make the one in the front a little larger than the other making appear to be closer to you!

When overlapping items, make sure you even put some cut off of the canvas- like a normal picture. I always tell people, “Think outside of the canvas. Think of it as if you can turn to the left and right and see more of that image.”

This is helpful to make it more realistic. Especially since photographs are not inside the shape, the shape just makes the image. Drag those items off the canvas!!!

After adjusting the trees, just add land. You can add another layer at the top, or hover over the bottom layer to add that layer already behind all the other existing items in your canvas. From there, make the hill in the back smallest and the one closest the largest. A quick way to get the land done quickly is using the duplicate tool. Once you click an item you will see the duplicate tool located at the bottom panel of the canvas.

Note: when using the duplicate feature the duplicated item will automatically go to the top layer. You can easily bring that to the bottom and adjust the layers by clicking the To Back button in the bottom panel of the canvas.  

After adding a few hills to your Buncee for depth, and you need to cover the rest of the white space with the same green but don’t want to necessarily look like there are more hills. Well, no problem! Buncee offers so many ways to adjust the assets. Duplicate the item, stretch it as much as you need to, then use the Flip feature! Turn it upside down and use that to add color!!!

Problem solved, by using an asset just a little differently than normal! No need to go on the hunt for a green that looks similar, or duplicating over ten times! You have yourself a beautiful field!

If you would like to add more distance into the Buncee, just add another hill or two to the mix with maybe a few more trees. Just be sure to use the layer panel when adding in more trees. If a really teeny tiny tree is on top of a really large tree ~ well that might look a little strange. So, just use the To Bottom button, and then scroll down and move the tree above the hills, but under the rest of the trees.

The Layers panel is HUGE help with accomplishing this look in a Buncee! You can know what item is what by clicking on the layer. Once you click on the layer you will see the marching ants box around the item.


When you are done, add a background! I usually love to go to the outdoors category when making Buncees like this, and mix mediums! Photographs with Buncee assets, not only does it look cool, but it continues to create more depth and perspective!

When choosing a background for these kinds of Buncees I try to think where on the canvas is covered by assets, since only part of the backgrounds will appear behind them. Test out a few that work with the theme you choose then add detail from there!

Don’t worry about moving and adjusting other assets along the way, this will help the Buncee come together nicely. Add those final details and make your Buncee a masterpiece!

Here’s the finished result, click to view it in Buncee!

Don’t forget to Copy and Create this Buncee!


Meagan Stein was a graphic designer at Buncee for many years. Her Buncee creations are truly works of art. She would often add the finishing touches to our Buncee creations, or “Meg-ify” them. She has moved on to focus on family and begin the next chapter of her life.

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