Buncee Design School Day 3 – Making a GIF from a Buncee

Do you pronounce it G-if or J-if? We’ve all  gotten into the conversation of the correct pronunciation, as well as how do you make these things?!  

Buncees are an awesome way of sharing presentations, scrapbooks, or even just for funsies! 
One way I love sharing a Buncee along with the link, is to make a GIF of my Buncee.  It really adds a little pizzazz when sharing on social media and really grabs attention!

How does one make a GIF?! Since this has been an ongoing question in the Twitter world along with other social networks now, I’m here to show ya how its done! Let’s do a little Appsmahing with Buncee, and make ourselves a GIF!

First things first, lets download Giphy Capture!

This is an easy tool that will allow your to make Buncee GIFs in minutes!

(Please note – Giphy Capture is an app designed to be used on a Mac. There are other apps/programs out there for Windows/Chrome. If Giphy doesn’t work for you, you may want to check out Screen to GIF (PC), Recordit (PC, Mac), or Chrome Capture (a Chrome browser plugin), among others. Each program will work a little differently, but overall the effect is the same – you should have a GIF of your Buncee when you’re done!)

While downloading Giphy Capture, go back to Buncee world and open the Buncee you want to use to make a GIF.

When the Buncee is open, I like to resize my screen a bit so the file is not huge.

From there, open up Giphy Capture!

When it opens you will see a small resizable screen with a record button and a transparent ‘green screen’ where it will capture the GIF!

After finding the correct size of the gif that you want to make, put the Giphy window above where you want to record.

When resizing the Giphy Window, be sure to put the green section only on the space where you want to record. Once it is placed in the right spot, hit the record button!

When recording a Buncee, I like to keep it from 3-6 seconds. My goal when making a GIF is to capture the animations that are in the Buncee. Remember since this will loop, you don’t need to record it as long! It will just keep playing like it is the original animation!

After you click the record button to stop the recording, you will see a small thumbnail right below the window. That is the section where you store all the GIFs you create.

Once completed, click on the thumbnail and another small window will open to preview the GIF! 

Note: It will normally appear right below or above the recording window ~ But do not X out the recording window or the entire program will close. So, just minimize the recording screen for the time being and focus on the editing the final GIF.

From here I will adjust the duration of the .gif and adjust the settings (if necessary ~ I normally just keep the default settings) Then just hit Save As… and save to your desktop!

Some of the quality may be lost depending on the frame rate and duration of the overall file. But, Success! You officially made yourself a Buncee GIF!!!


Meagan Stein was a graphic designer at Buncee for many years. Her Buncee creations are truly works of art. She would often add the finishing touches to our Buncee creations, or “Meg-ify” them. She has moved on to focus on family and begin the next chapter of her life.

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