Buncee Design School Day 4 – Working with Text in Buncee

As you know, one of the great things about Buncee is adding text! But when you’re adding different text boxes, stickers, animations, videos, and all of that fun multimedia in a Buncee, it can get, well, a little cluttered at times.

We always want our presentations to be in tip-top shape and make sure they really pop! So, let’s talk about some text!

For starters, one main rule that I always tell people when adding a lot of text in a Buncee is not to choose an overwhelming or detailed photo for the background.

Let’s take a look at the difference of a detailed background vs. a simple background:

(I used Lorum ipsum as the sample text so you can focus on how it looks rather than how it reads.)

Even without designing the text boxes you can still see a major difference in legibility.

In the first image I found a fun, colorful (beautiful) image in the Cityscapes category and for the bottom one, I scrolled down in the Design category. Both backgrounds are interesting in their own way which is why they are so different when adding text on top of them.

If you prefer to use a more detailed picture in your Buncee without it losing legibility there is a quick trick! Go to Stickers and either head to the Color or Shapes category. From there, just choose a sticker that is somewhat transparent and stretch it over the canvas where you would put the text. If it’s still looking a little messy, duplicate the sticker to make it less transparent and continue until it is at a good opacity. Sometimes I  like to make a little overlay to give it more design elements as you see below. 

Here are a few other examples that you can Copy and Create to get started:





Meagan Stein was a graphic designer at Buncee for many years. Her Buncee creations are truly works of art. She would often add the finishing touches to our Buncee creations, or “Meg-ify” them. She has moved on to focus on family and begin the next chapter of her life.

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