Buncee Design School – Day 5: Making Professional (But Fun) Buncees

When making presentations, marketing your company, or even just making a portfolio, Buncee is a great tool to use. Buncee provides everything that you need to add links, videos, and anything else that you have to include! Not only is this a great tool to use, but it’s easy and fun.

“How do you make a fun, animated, PROFESSIONAL Buncee?” you ask. Well… it’s actually quite easy! One thing I always tell people before/when designing… Less Is More! ~ Always! So lets keep that in mind for professional Buncees!

Starting off, you will need to add the important content in to your Buncee – add text, videos, images, etc. Once you have popped everything that you need in the Buncee, you’ll want to design it.

Now designing doesn’t always mean add the stickers, animations, and all that jazz… Find your layout of the content. Make sure you focus on  hierarchy as well! That is important so when others take a gander at this amazing Buncee they will know what is the most important!

For hierarchy ~ Try to think about the most important information ( a phone number, your name/company name, location, etc.) and make that bold or larger text. That will make it stand out more, letting people see that information first!

Once you have adjusted the information layout, then the really fun part comes: adding Buncee assets! For Professional Buncees, try not to overload with so many graphics. Lets your information speak for itself! Especially when you can link the information and add what you need to add!

Here is an example to start with:

As you can see, this person added their personal logo in, kept the background very simple but added character, and added all content that was important with including Buncee assets. In here they covered up half of the background with a white square sticker by dragging it across the bottom of the Buncee so they can put the important information.Then, went to the lines and arrows category and added some design element to it by separating the slide. After that, they added a fun sticker that is relevant to the Buncee, and voila! A professional, simple, beautiful Buncee!  

To view the Buncee click here.

Let’s take a look at another professional example:


This Buncee is a great marketing Buncee, not only does it have the important information that people would need to reach out to the company, but gives a nice long description, images, a logo and has a nice movement in it using the geometric shapes over the images! Brilliant! Simply, Brilliant! 

To view the Buncee click here.


How did they achieve that flow? Well, Let’s go step by step.

Add Images to your canvas:

(Note: These images were found on google.com to use as an example.)

Once you have added your images in we can adjust our layout and place them on top of each other as well as making them larger. 

After, let’s head to the + button at the top right of the canvas, click on Stickers, and scroll all the way down to Shapes! From there, maybe find a rectangle or triangle that works with the images colors that you can wrap and overlay over the image.

From there, stretch the shape that you chose off the canvas and then adjust to the images. Now, don’t get frustrated if a lot of the image is cut off! We can adjust that later!

Duplicate the large shape and adjust on the other side to completely cover the images. 

From there, you can click on the layer of the images and adjust if needed. If you would like to ‘zoom in’ on something specific in the image just increase the size! Just remember when increasing the size of the image will cover the other, so just simply move the smaller image on top of the large one!

There we go! Add separate text boxes so you can add hierarchy in for adding all the information, then, top if off with some Buncee assets! Don’t be afraid to move the shapes around after you have adjusted them. That will help make room for adding extra text or anything else you need to include in the Buncee. 

Click here to view the completed Buncee.


Meagan Stein was a graphic designer at Buncee for many years. Her Buncee creations are truly works of art. She would often add the finishing touches to our Buncee creations, or “Meg-ify” them. She has moved on to focus on family and begin the next chapter of her life.

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