We Love The Earth!

Earth Day is almost here!

I still remember celebrating with Earth Day activities like planting flowers outside my high school. At the time, I wasn’t all that interested in getting muddy, but now I only think back to those days with happy thoughts (even if my nails did get a tad bit dirty)!

However, Earth Day isn’t just celebrated for the creation of happy memories outdoors! It’s celebrated to nurture a life-long love and respect for nature!

Check out some of these buncee projects below to get your classroom thinking about nature and our relationship with planet Earth.  Plus, don’t forget to check out our Spring has Sprung Pinterest board for more Earth Day & Spring ideas, crafts, and inspiration.

1. Capture a Moment: Ask students when or where they love nature the most. Have them upload a photo or video of this moment or place; then have them add prose, poetry or even their own audio recording to explain why they chose this particular moment or location.

2. Flip a lesson on going green, climate change debates, or new scientific discoveries, and have the students discuss their reactions and conclusions in class the next day. You can easily add videos of environmental thought leaders to your buncee, upload PDFs of relevant articles or simply include links to online content you’d like students to review in preparation for class discussion.

3. Ask Your Students To Come Up With An Earth Day Project: Prompt your students to think critically, and ask them to each come up with a school project that will help protect the environment. Your students can present their ideas to the entire class.

3. Design an Earth Day Presentation: Have students create a multi-media buncee presentation showing how the tradition of Earth Day came to be or how Earth Day has been celebrated around the world. Citing all their sources, students can include photos and videos of the events that take place across the globe on this day.

4. Study Naturalists: Have students create a buncee about the life of a famous naturalist. They can create one slide highlighting a famous quote by the naturalist, or add several slides to include biographical data, summaries of their naturalist’s main thesis and perhaps even the views of his or her prominent dissidents.

5. Scrapbook Your Outdoor Adventures: If you’re out and about in nature enjoying Earth Day activities, create a quick scrapbook with photos, videos and summaries of your findings and explorations of the day. Then share your adventures via email or social media to inspire others in your school or community to enjoy the great outdoors!

6. Wish the world a Happy Earth Day: Host a classroom Earth Day party, or a school wide celebration, and invite the community! Create an adorable Earth Day invitation to email or post on social media.

We hope these buncee Earth Day activities bring lots of fun to your classroom. If you have other ideas or would like to share your completed projects with us, send us an email at info@buncee.com.

Have an awesome Earth Day! ~ Francesca

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