My Buncee Experience

My Buncee Experience

Although I first heard of Buncee a while ago, it wasn’t until schools closed in March 2020 that I started to use it on a regular basis. During lockdown, I was searching for a tool that would allow me to easily make my lessons more visually appealing. I experimented with Buncee and loved how simple it was to produce exactly what I wanted to. Since then I have went on to use Buncee on a daily basis with my class. 


One of the first projects I used Buncee for was to create certificates for my class. I was able to personalize their certificates using images relevant to their interests, and received positive feedback about them from pupils, parents, and family members.  

Self-Reflection Templates

My class uses Seesaw as a way of storing their completed work. In order to encourage them to reflect on their work, and provide feedback. I made a bank of reflection templates using Buncee. The “duplicate page” feature in Buncee allowed me to easily make a wide range of templates quickly by duplicating a page and then editing my original. I can then upload them to Seesaw, and my class can use them as templates there. My class enjoys using these templates, and the templates help to keep their feedback focused. 

Morning Task

Every morning I display a Morning Task on the board for the pupils to complete while I do the register, order lunches, and speak to any pupils who wish to chat. Each page contains ages contain tasks such as number of the day, word of the day and weekend news. I can then use the “duplicate Buncee” feature to duplicate the template after three weeks and easily edit the number/word/relevant aspect of the task. 

This has allowed me to quickly create five morning tasks a week. I love that I can organize my Buncees into folders, so if I’m looking for a Morning Task, I can open my Morning Task folder and I can access them quickly. 

Future Uses

My class unfortunately does not have access to devices in class, and device sharing is currently limited due to Covid. This means that we haven’t made use of the classroom dashboard, and my students haven’t been able to create or edit their own Buncees yet. I am looking forward to being able to do this when we have devices, as I know that the class will really enjoy being creative with Buncee. I know that it will help to support their learning across the curriculum and enhance their work. 

Meet the Author

Emma Hedges is a Primary School Teacher based in Fallkirk, Scotland, who is passionate about using technology to enhance teaching and learning. You can check out some of the tweets she has made about using Buncee in her classroom on this Wakelet.

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