New Feature: Track Your Emailed Buncees

There’s a new product update in town! Now, Buncee for Schools & Districts users can see if the Buncees they shared via email were delivered, clicked, or opened.

This is available for any user who has access to the email sharing functionality!

Below are the steps to emailing your Buncee & tracking the Buncees you send via email.

1. Log into your Buncee for School & Districts account, and click “Create Now” in the top right corner.

2. Create your Buncee! Then, click “Share” in the top right of your screen.

3. Click “Email” in the share window. Enter the email address in the field below your personal message. Then, click “Send.”

4. Exit out of the creation window & head back to your Dashboard. Click the three bar menu icon in the top right, and click “Sent Emails.”


5. See the Buncees you’ve emailed listed. Click “Details” to the right of the Buncee of interest to see if your emails were delivered, opened, or clicked.


We’d love your feedback on this new feature! Email us at or tweet @Buncee with your thoughts.

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