Personalized Holiday Greetings with Buncee

Personalized Holiday Greetings with Buncee

Recently, Buncee has become my one-stop shop for all my holiday needs. I made my own wrapping paper with Buncee and wrapped a gift for my best friend with it. I put together a scrapbook in Buncee to send to my family, so that they can see all the events this year we haven’t been able to connect about in person. I made it snow on my cat with the Buncee iOS app’s AR feature. I even put together my New Year’s resolutions in Buncee! It’s the perfect tool for educators, students, and families to craft creative experiences to share among each other. 

A Perfect Combination of Customized and Quick

This holiday season, I was looking for a way to bring a personal touch to my digital holiday cards. I’m a fan of the classic snail mail missive—I love stamps and letterpress greeting cards, as well as the personal touch that comes with handwriting. I also love ecards: they’re scalable and instant, and there’s no hassle of stamps and missing mail. I was looking for that perfect balance between handcrafted customization and digital-era efficiency. This year involved so many missed opportunities to hear our friends’ and family’s real voices (not phone voices!) and to see them in person.

I wanted to find a way to greet my loved ones all over the world with the digital equivalent of a hug. Buncee provided the perfect creative space for this.

I’m lucky enough to have friends and family all over the world, and the digital format makes it easy to reach loved ones scattered across the globe. I had so much fun putting together different groups of cards, customized to the tastes and unique senses of humor of all my recipients. 

Here’s two ways you can approach DIY digital greeting cards in Buncee:

Send a Personalized Greeting Card to Friends

For the greeting card I sent to my friends, I recorded a video of myself and the cat, who is also a well-loved member of my friend groups. I added a cheeky ‘Happy Holidays!’ greeting and some fun stickers well-suited to my friends’ sense of humor. 

Send a Personalized Greeting Card to Family

For my family, I chose a more traditional format: star stickers, a more formal ‘Merry Christmas!’ greeting, and a scenic wintry background. I recorded a short and sweet video that I know my grandparents will appreciate. 

In need of inspiration for your own holiday cards? Check out Buncee’s Template Library to get a running start on your holiday greetings. If you’d like to see how far Buncee’s creative capacities can take you, head over to the Ideas Lab for a sampling of all the ways Buncee can work for you. 

Did you make your own holiday cards with Buncee? Got a super exciting new format you’d like to share? Let us know on Twitter, and be sure to join the Buncee Educators group on Facebook to stay up to date!

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