What is Buncee Doodle?

So, what exactly IS Buncee Doodle, you ask? It’s a fun new game that you can do with your students! We’ve brought in Buncee Man, the Buncee Doodle expert, to tell you all about it!

Hi, I’m Buncee Man! Some know me as the bubbly mascot on Buncee.com, but I’m also quite the Buncee Doodle expert.
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Buncee Doodle originated from the minds of Buncee Ambassador and educator Amber McCormick & our very own Claire Cucchi. This game of creating & guessing requires students to create Buncees based off prompts. The student keeps their prompt hidden from their partner(s), and once they are done creating, their partner(s) must guess what the Buncee represents!

It’s a totally fun addition to all kinds of lessons, and all you need is a timer, devices, and Buncee accounts for your students.

Be sure to come by the Buncee booth at ISTE 2017!

Buncee Ambassador and educator Amy Storer will also be presenting on Buncee Doodle at booth #759 on Tuesday, June 27 at 2:00 PM CST.

Below are the steps to playing Buncee Doodle, as told by Amber McCormick.

  1. Create a deck of card prompts with the names of popular movies, books, events, characters, etc. that are appropriate for your age group of learners. The cards could also be related to elements of a lesson or a unit your class is working on.
  1. Split students into pairs or small groups depending on the size of your classroom. If the students are in pairs, one will create a Buncee first (creator) and the other will guess what the Buncee represents (guesser).
  1. Pass out an equal number of cards to each pair or team.
  1. Have the first creator sign into their Buncee accounts.
  1. Set a time limit for creating the Buncee.
  1. Have the first creator share their Buncee with the guesser. The first pair or team that guesses correctly wins!
  1. Keep score, or don’t keep score. You know your class the best!
  1. If in pairs, switch creator and guesser roles either every round or after a certain number of rounds. If in teams, have the next student create.

You could also have the entire class participate as a group.  Simply pick a card from the stack in the front of the room and kick off creating a Buncee Doodle leaving the class to guess what the Buncee represents.  The student that guesses correctly is the next creator to come up to the front of the class, pick a card, and start creating their Buncee Doodle.


Not only can you do this with students, but it can easily be done during workshops or professional development! Amy Storer describes how she did so below:

Teachers were given 8-10 minutes to create, and then they emailed their Buncee to me. We displayed them one at a time in front of everyone, and the teachers all wrote down what they believed the Buncee to mean. Whomever had the most correct guesses won!   

Once you play Buncee Doodle, let us know what you think! Share your experience with us on Twitter or with fellow educators in the Buncee Educators Facebook group. Happy Doodling!

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