What’s New in Buncee?-Week of Sept 2

Back to School season is here, and Buncee has everything you need to start the school year off on the right foot! From new graphics and ideas, to fun activities for educators and students, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new this week:

First Day of School Activities

The first day of school is such an exciting time for educators and students alike! Whether you’ve just started classes, or your first day is quickly approaching, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to get to know your colleagues and classmates. 

Buncee Ideas Lab has so many ideas for activities students and teachers can use to introduce themselves and learn more about each other! Search “Back to School” to find tons of ideas like:

💡 “All About Me” Activities

💡  Icebreakers and Get to Know You Games

💡 “Meet the Teacher” Templates

💡 …and so much more! 

Dot Day: Make Your Mark!

September 15th is International Dot Day! Make your mark, and express yourself by creating your own Dot with Buncee! Use Buncee’s graphics and drawing function to create your own unique Dot Day Buncees. You can even use the drawing tool to sign your creation.

When they’re done, students can share them to a Buncee Board, or print them out and display them proudly in the classroom! Creating and sharing a Dot is a great opportunity for students to introduce themselves to the class and get to know one another, so it’s perfect for Back to School! 

Check Out Our Brand New 3D Cell Graphics!

Have you seen our brand new 3D Cell Graphics? Perfect for STEM visualization, our 3D graphics are fully interactive, so students can spin them around and examine them from all angles! These 3D graphics allow students to really explore what microscopic cells look like up close.

Back to School Sale

Make sure your digital backpacks are packed with Buncee! We’re celebrating the start of the school year with our annual Back to School Saleso don’t forget the most important tool for back to school!

Back to School Creativity Contest

Share your most creative idea for using Buncee with your students! Tweet your idea with #B2SwithBuncee for your chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! You can learn more about this exciting opportunity here.

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