A NEW Research Mashup with PebbleGo Research Buncees!

A New Research Mashup with PebbleGO Research Buncees

Buncee is an excellent tool for students to record their research in a fun and engaging way. Buncee Ambassador and Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller recently shared with us how she is using Buncee and Capstone’s PebbleGo to create PebbleGo Research Buncees to build research skills with her students! We were honored to work with Shannon to create some unique research journal templates, and so excited to share her idea for her PebbleGo Research Journal project! 

Click the button below to read all about Shannon’s research project. You can also create PebbleGo Research Buncees with your class by checking out our Buncee templates and searching, “journal.”

A NEW Research Mashup With PebbleGo Research Buncee’s!


As always, we would love to hear how you’re using Buncee in your classroom, so please reach out to us on Twitter by tagging @Buncee.


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