Ambassador Katie Ann Wilson


Katie Ann Wilson is lifelong learner who brings a passion for educational technology with over 13 years educational experience in the public school sector. She known all over the world through presentations as the go-to person in Edtech for augmented reality in education. She has reached over 200,000 educators and administrators and over 1,000,000 students via augmented reality. She is the founder of the Augmented Reality for Education Google+ group and the Twitter / GHO #AR4Learning. Her blog “The Diary of the Techie Chick” has generated many new ideas in educational technology. She just recently released the book “Keys to Unlocking the Universe via Augmented Reality”. You can follow Katie on Twitter at @KatieAnn_76


Ambassador Kaite uses Buncee to organize the #AR4Learning Twitter chat and to share out visual graphics for other projects. She plans on creating PD sessions focusing on Buncee creations.


“When learning how to create a Buncee, it is best to explore. I call it playing in the sandbox. I also remind others that creativity has no boundaries. See what you can create, what you can add, and what you can combine together. Can’t find what you are looking for add your own element or have Buncee do an internet search for you. My students loved using Buncee because of the search feature, their favorite thing to search for just happens to be the animations. They believe that the animations add a little something special to their Buncees. They also loved the wide selection of backgrounds. I recommend Buncee to my fellow teachers and students as an alternative to presentations, flyers, assignments, and visual graphics. My favorite part of a Buncee is in presentation mode the Buncee will read the text to you. Buncee is truly a company that has put creativity back into the classroom, PD sessions, and Twitter chats.



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